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What does my dream about a dog mean?

Did you dream about a pet dog? Was the dog friendly? Perhaps you were wearing a collar and lead? What does this mean?

Today's Dream

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In today's dream our dreamer is woken up early by friends visiting the house. The visitors do not knock they barge into the bedroom where the dreamer is with their new partner. They see the dreamer wearing a collar and lead. The dreamer is embarrassed.

Later in the dream our dreamer meets up with their ex partner and asks what happened to their dog. The ex will not say where the dog is or if it is alive or dead. 

The dreamer spends a lot of time looking for the dog in a dog zoo and wondering if the dog is sick or has died. The dreamer pressures the ex for an answer but does not get one.

What does this dream mean?

Dream meaning dog

Dogs represent loyalty, protection and friendship. If you dream about a dog you are thinking about your relationships.

A friendly dog means that you are making new friendships and there are opportunities for new relationships.

An angry dog means that you may have some regrets about your friendships. Friends are not supporting your decisions.

To be bitten by a dog in a dream, may mean that someone you expect to be on your side has turned against you.

If you dreamed about playing with many dogs you have lots of friends. Perhaps you have not found a special relationship.

If a dog died in your dream then you are going to lose someone who is close or important to you. 

A dream about a sick dog means that you are in danger of losing an important friendship. You must take steps to improve things.

A small dog in a dream may mean that it is a small friendship and a large dog may mean that the friendship is important.

If you dream about a pet dog who is no longer around then you may have some unresolved friendship issues from the time in your life when the pet was alive.

Dream about collar and lead

A dream about a collar and lead represents someone who is guiding or controlling the actions of someone else.

If you were wearing the collar and lead the meaning will depend on whether you were happy with the situation. If you willing wore the lead then you are happy to let someone else guide you. If you resisted the lead then you are in danger of being controlled by someone who may not have your best interests at heart.

If you were walking someone/something else on a lead then you are in control of yourself and others.

What does today's dream mean?

Our dreamer was wearing a collar and lead willingly so they were happy to have someone else to protect and guide them. However they were unhappy that their friends found out about the situation. The dreamer did not want others to know that someone else was important in their life.

The dreamer visited their ex, the fact that the dog was sick or dead means that this relationship is over. The ex will not cooperate to tie up any loose ends. It is possible that the dreamer still has some feelings for their ex but they are being given nothing in return. It would be better for the dreamer to move away from this toxic situation.

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