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Have you had a scary dream about a robot or mannequin?

Pexels-tara-winstead-8386366Robot Mannequin by Tara Winstead

Have you had a scary dream about a robot or mannequin?

What does this disturbing dream mean? Read on...

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Robot Dream

In today's dream our dreamer is aware that the government are asking people to volunteer to be turned into robots. The robots are like shop mannequins mostly and covered in black velour. 

The dreamer and family are out in the car and they notice a strange person fixing a street light. The person has a head and neck but extendable legs so that they can reach the light without a ladder or other equipment.

The dreamer turns to their fiance to comment on this and is shocked to see that the fiance is also a robot. They turn to speak to the kids in the back seat and they are also robots. The dreamer turns back to their fiance who is now in human form again.

What does this dream mean?

Dream Meaning

This is a classic anxiety dream.

Dream meaning government

If you dream about the government you are feeling powerless and controlled by others. Whether you are able to vote or not, decisions are being made that you have no control over that effect your daily life. Your life is given rules and restrictions that you must live with or accept the consequences of disobeying these rules.

Dream meaning car journey

Dreaming about a car journey means that you are making progress in life. If you were driving you are in control of where you go, if someone else is driving then they are deciding which direction you should go in. You may be happy about this so other aspects of the journey need to be considered.

Dream meaning robots

If you dream about robots and they are helping you, this is a positive dream. It can also mean that you are feeling detached from others and going through the motions of a situation without the emotions of human contact.

Robots are able to work long hours without a break, they are not sentient, they have no feelings but they may be able to deceive us into thinking that they have. This means that we should be very wary or interactions with robots in our dreams.

Robot Dream Meaning

Today's dream meaning is that the dreamer is feeling pressured by those in power, the government to make changes in their life. The dreamer is uncomfortable with these changes. Seeing their family as robots is a real shock for the dreamer and is a warning that those around them may not share their views and may robotically do as they are told without considering the consequences.

The dreamer is being driven in a car by a robot who is pretending to still be human. The dreamer should watch out for deception from their fiance who is not what they appear to be.

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