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Snake Dreams

Are you bothered by snake dreams? Generally a dream about a snake is about an enemy, someone poisonous in your life, who slithers around and may strike you at any time. However, this is not true of all snake dreams. If you own a snake the meaning will be related to how you see snakes – if you adore snakes then a snake may be seen as a hidden friend.

Stepping Over Snakes

If your dream involved stepping over a snake or several snakes then you are able to avoid conflict. You are aware that there are those around you who may wish to harm you fortunately, you are able to keep yourself safe by being careful in your actions.

Dream about being bitten by a snake

A snake bite in a dream, means that in life you have hidden enemies that may strike out against you at any time. Usually a snake bite is sudden and unexpected and so this is a warning to watch your enemies closely! If you dreamed about many snakes beware, there is more than one person conspiring against you.

Many snakes in a dream

When you see many snakes in a dream it means that you are in the snakes territory. In life you are surrounded by those who are different from you and you will need to tread carefully to avoid falling into conflict with those around you. You are in an environment where people move differently, they are nervous and easily upset. People may act against you because they see you as a threat.

Dream about a snake shedding it’s skin

A snake shedding it’s skin is a sign of renewal, refreshment and of growth. This is a good omen because it means that you are growing and developing. You will have a fresh outlook and a new lease on life. You have grown out of your old skin and are ready for something new.

Snake Charmer Dream

If you saw a snake charmer in your dream, you are around someone who is able to manipulate those around you to obey. If you were the snake charmer, then you have a great sales talent which will give you power over a wide variety of people.

Poisonous Snake Dream

When you are surrounded by poisonous snakes in a dream, it is likely that the people around you in life have poisonous tongues and will say and write bad things about you. Watch your back!

Pet Snake Dream

A pet snake in a dream, if it was your snake, shows that you are willing to open your heart and your home to someone who is different from you. If the snake belonged to someone else, that person is open minded and open hearted, the meaning will depend on the relationship that you have with that person.

Hissing Snake Dream

A dream where you see a hissing snake is a warning that you will be hurt if you do not change your current attitude. You need to stand back and allow everyone to calm down. It is possible that others see you as a threat and will retaliate if you persist.

Crushed by a Snake Dream

If your dream involved being crushed by a snake, it is likely that those around you are restricting your movement. Perhaps you are living in a community with a lot of rules that are crushing your personality. You may be in a relationship where your partner or a family member is too possessive or overbearing. You are feeling crushed!

If you escaped from the snake then that is a happy omen, you will be able to get away from this stifling situation.

Dead Snake Dream

A dream about a dead snake is a sign that those who were going to harm you have been defeated. If you killed the snake you have triumphed over those who would deceive you.

Snake in a Tree Dream

Dreaming about a snake or snakes in a tree is a sign that those above you do not have your best interests at heart and they are openly threatening you. This could be older family members, managers at work or even government bodies.

Swimming Snake Dream

If your dream involved seeing snakes swimming it is a reminder that your enemies are versatile and can pursue you in many different ways. If you like looking at the snakes then you can appreciate the skill and adaptability of those around you, fortunately, you can watch them without getting drawn into danger.

Snake Colours in Dreams

Red snake – danger. Watch out for hidden enemies

Orange snake – change. Get ready for some important developments in your life.

Yellow snake – success. You are likely to overcome any obstacles. The sun is shining on you and those around you.

Green snake – the natural world. Go out, enjoy some time in the outdoors and appreciate being in a different element

Blue snake – Communication, coldness. Talk to those who oppose you to resolve any conflicts. You can remain detached.

Purple snake – promotion. You are likely to get recognition for your work with others.

Black snake – hidden, night. Watch out for those who will be working overtime to get their own way. There may be a hidden agenda.

White snake – innocence, newness. You will have a truce with those who formerly opposed you. A fresh start in a relationship.

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