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If you use the internet regularly it may start to appear in your dreams explore some meanings below....

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This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning. Today the focus is on social media in dreams. I hope this blog helps you to interpret your dream too.

Today's Dream

In this dream our dreamer is redecorating their home. They go outside to catch a bus but the bus is having trouble finding a parking space. The dreamer notices their cousin sitting at a table. They have not seen the cousin for many years and they notice that he does not look like himself. He has a very big nose. The cousin says that he wants to help the dreamer and offer work to some of the dreamer's friends. He wants a mechanic and he goes onto the internet to check the reviews. The dreamer thanks the cousin. The dreamer will go on social media and post a thank you for the help.

What does this dream mean?

Dream about redecorating

Redecorating in a dream is about making changes. If the dream was about redecorating the inside of a home, then the changes are internal. Perhaps you are changing your mind about a situation, only those close to you will know about the changes that you made.

Redecorating the outside of a home means that you will be making visible changes to your appearance.

If you redecorate a public building, such as a school - you will be learning new things. To redecorate a hospital would mean that you are improving your health. To redecorate a hotel would mean that you are taking more time off to relax.

Dream about a Bus

If you dreamed about a bus it represents that way that you are moving through life. A bus is mass transport so it is likely that you are following a regular timetable and moving in a conventional but not extravagant way.

Dream about Parking

To park a vehicle in a dream is to settle down somewhere for a while. It may not be for long but it implies that you are taking a small break. If you are unable to park that means that you cannot take the breaks that you would like to take. You are possibly stressed with too much to do. This stress is from others who are not giving way to you and your needs.

Dream about Cousin

A cousin is a representative of your wider family, someone who you may know quite well. The details of the dream will let you know if this relationship is positive or negative. A cousin can also represent your local community.

Dream about a Large Nose

Noses can represent sensitivity, awareness and perception. They can represent smelling out a problem. A large nose also represents someone who is said to be nosey, but this can also mean that they are interested in your affairs.

Dream about Mechanic

Mechanics fix things, they are skilled at getting complicated or awkward jobs done. They have an understanding of motors and machinery. A good mechanic in a dream is someone who will help you solve your problems and get things moving along smoothly for you. A dream about a bad mechanic is telling you that you are trusting the wrong people to help you with a situation. They can throw a spanner in the works!

Dream about Internet

Dreaming about the internet means that you are possibly impatient to find solutions to your problems. You are in need of information and you want it fast. You do not have time to ask people questions you will happily accept the advice of a search engine. This may or may not be wise depending on the quality of your search. It can be a warning that you need more human interaction.

If you are reading reviews on the internet in your dream, this may be a warning that you also need to use your own judgement and not rely on the views of others. You may be letting other people tell you want to think.

Dream about Social Media

This is a dream that is telling you that your friendships may be superficial. Are the relationships real? What type of interaction did you have in the dream? Positive likes on social media in a dream mean that many people admire what they know about you. Negative communication on social media means that people are criticising you even though they are not aware of all of the facts. You need to protect yourself from this.

If you are dreaming about influencers, it is possible that you are allowing others to dictate to you how to behave. Give yourself a break and be your authentic self.

Interpretation of Today's Dream

Our dreamer is redecorating the home so this means that they are changing the way that they feel about something important. The bus represents the way that they are going through life and the bus was unable to park. This means that the dreamer cannot go along with everyone else. The dreamer is unable to get a break from their commitments.

The wider family is very nosey and they want to know all the details about the changes that the dreamer makes. This is represented by the cousin with a big nose. The help offered by the family is odd, first they offer to help the dreamers friends but then they check reviews on the internet. The family needed to employ a mechanic to fix things but they did not trust the advice of the dreamer. The family would prefer to get advice from a machine.

The dreamer then thanks the family but wants to do this publicly on social media. This shows that the dreamer wants to be seen as doing the right thing. It is important for the dreamer to make a good impression to the world.

Tarot Card for Today's Dream

person holding tarot cards

Six of Wands

I chose the six of wands because this card represents someone who is being congratulated. The dreamer in today's dream wants to be complimented on their good decisions so they take to the internet to offer praise.

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