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What does it mean to dream about time?

What does it mean to dream about playing cricket?

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Unless you play cricket regularly this would seem to be an unusual dream, read on to unpick the meaning....

The Dream

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then find a dream meaning. In today's dream, our dreamer is playing cricket, they are batting and bowling. In the dream they do both well. However, the umpires who are supposed to be controlling the match are talking to each other and not paying attention to the game and therefore the dreamer feels that the game is not being played fairly.

What does this mean?

Dream meaning -Cricket

Cricket is described as a gentleman's game, it is fairly subdued, it is slow and tactical. It is generally a long game. If you dream featured this type of game then the dream relates to your long term goals. You are planning and taking things slowly and making sure that you do the right thing.

Limited Overs Cricket

If your dream involved a limited overs game or a shortened form of cricket, then you are being asked to make decisions quickly and to hurry through something that you would usually take your time over.

Rain Stopped Play Dream

If the dream involved a game of cricket that go suspended because of bad weather, such as rain, then you will have to take a step back from your plans due to circumstances that are beyond your control. If the play restarts then no serious harm is done but if the game was abandoned then you are being asked to rethink your plans.

Cricket Umpires Dream

If you dreamed about cricket umpires then you are aware of forces that control your living situation, there may be laws or figures in authority who have to approve your actions. If the umpires make a decision that you do not agree with then you will have to fight your corner to get what you need and you may be disappointed.

If the umpires in your dream rule in your favour you are likely to succeed in your endeavours. A dream where the umpires are missing would mean that no-one is in control and everyone is a law unto themselves, You are likely to be in a situation where there is conflict as people are free to behave as they like. Your reaction to this in the dream will give you an idea if this is a positive or negative situation.

Dream about Batting

To dream about batting in cricket means that you are setting yourself a target for success. A high score means that you will reach your goal and a low number of runs means that you will be disappointed in the outcome of your project.

To be bowled in cricket means that an unexpected obstacle will wipe out your reserves and you will need to try something different.

To be run out in cricket means that you have overstretched yourself and taken too big a risk.

To dream of being caught out in cricket, is literally that -everything will have been going well and you did not anticipate the strength of the competition in your field.

To be out leg before wicket (LBW) in a dream would mean that you got in the way of your own success, you were afraid of the competition and so you shut down your defences.

Dream about Bowling

To dream about being the bowler in a game of cricket means that you are in control. You are setting the pace of your life. You may be a fast bowler, medium pace, slow or spin bowler -this shows your approach to your long term project. As a spin bowler, you rely on talking your way through situations, like a salesperson.

Success in bowling means that you are able to overcome the competition. If you bowl the other side out, then your success is quick.

Dream about Crickets -Insects

Although this is not related to this weeks dream, dreaming about the sound of crickets is a connection to nature and you will be feeling at home in the natural environment. If you were scared of the sound of crickets you may need to consider relocating as you are not at ease on your current space.

Crickets are generally seen as good luck symbols, they are helpful and they make a n ice sound. If you kill the crickets you are destroying your good luck.

What Does Today's Dream Mean?

Our dreamer was a batter and bowler so they were in control of their life in some aspects but in others they were receiving input from someone else. There were no umpires paying attention to the game so our dreamer is feeling that they are doing a good job and are not being recognised for it. The dreamer is nervous about what may happen in the world as the people who are supposed to lead are not paying attention to the important things that are happening.

Five of Swords - This is about winning a battle but not getting any satisfaction out of it. the opponents walk away and you have disarmed them but no-one congratulates you on your success. It is a hollow victory.

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