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12 Common Dreams

Almost certainly you will have had at least one of these dreams. When one of these dreams reoccurs several times in your life it is a signal to take care of the issue that is causing this dream. I have included some suggestions in this blog.

1. Naked in Public.

This common dream is about feeling exposed and vulnerable. There are no clothes to protect you or to shield your private parts from public scrutiny. For most people this is an uncomfortable dream. You are unable to hide who you are and you may be criticised in a personal way.

The location of this dream will give you an idea of where you are feeling exposed. To be naked in an office is a fear that those who you work with will see how vulnerable you are. To be naked with family is a fear that that your family know too much about your private life. The message is to take your power and to make whatever changes in your life that will protect you from criticism. You can either change your behaviour or change who you confide in.

If you enjoyed being naked in your dream, then you are comfortable with who you are. You do not fear what others think about you. If your dream involved being naked with a lover, here is a dream lover interpretation.

2. Looking for a toilet

If you dreamed about looking for a toilet in your dream then you are concerned about your privacy. Commonly in this dream, you are unable to find anywhere to go to unload your waste. Generally, you have a fear of intimacy and you try to dispose of your worries and debris from your past. Unfortunately, there are constant reminders around you and sadly you are unable to escape and let go. This dream is urging you to move away from a current situation as even your most basic emotional needs are not being catered for.

3. Driving an out of control car

In this dream you are either driving very fast, you cannot find the brakes, steer the car or you are driving backwards. All of these dreams are about how you are moving through life. If the car is out of control and driving very fast, it is a sign that you are being impulsive, rushing into situations and are out of control.

If the car is out of control and you cannot find the brakes, you do not know how to slow down in your life so that you can enjoy the moment that you are living in. You are in danger of crashing through your life unless you make an effort to calm down.

If you cannot steer the car, then you are having trouble changing direction in your life. You would like to do something different but the forces and patterns that are established are making it difficult for you to find a new path. Hold on tight and soon things will change.

If the car is out of control and you are going backwards, you are having trouble escaping your past. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the past will always catch up with you. It may be time to face your demons.

4. Falling Dream

If you dreamed about falling, then you feel as if you are not in control of your life. Everything is happening to you and you are unable to take any steps to change anything. Should you continue on your current path, it is inevitable that you will eventually reach rock bottom.

If you fell and landed safely, then it is a sign that you are able to cope with this setback and in time you will be able to take control of your life again. If the fall was devastating, this is a warning that you must take immediate action to change the course of your life.

5. Dream about Going Down

Direction is quite important in your dreams, any dream where you are descending means that you are going down in life. This can be a drop in status or a drop in income, it may also be symbolic of getting down to basics in some way. In our dream you may be walking downstairs, down a hill, going down in a lift, if the descent was deliberate you are willing taking a step back.

6. Dream about Going Up

If you dreamed about going up, then you are likely to have some kind of promotion or a rise in status or income. You could be going up in a lift, in a helicopter, climbing a hill, the ease of the rise will tell you how difficult or easy your rise in status will be for you.

7. Barrier Dream

If your dreamed involved a barrier, then there are obstacles in life that are preventing you from reaching your goals. The nature and size of the barrier will give you an idea of how easy it will be to overcome the object. Some barriers can be jumped over, such as small walls and streams, whereas some barriers can be very high solid walls that will take a great deal of work to overcome.

8. Being Chased

A dream of being chased symbolises anxiety and that something from the past that you thought was behind you, may catch up with you. If you escaped from the chaser then you will be able to overcome this. If you are chased by a monster you will have to decide whether it is worth facing your fear. Did the monster give up or is it still waiting for you in a future dream?

You will also need to consider what would happen if the chaser caught up with you. This will help you to work out what you are running from and the best steps you can take to escape.

9. Being in School

If you dreamed about being in school you are feeling inadequate, you feel as if people are treating you like a child. School is where we learn basic lessons in life. It is likely that someone in your circle is not treating you with respect. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by a situation. Perhaps, you feel the need to go back to study so that you are able to cope with new situations in your life.

10. Teeth Falling Out Dream

If you dreamed about your teeth falling out, you are feeling a loss of power. You have no teeth so you cannot bite into anything and it is difficult for you to eat and sustain yourself. Teeth are important for your strength and your ability to survive. This dream may relate to physical problems that you are experiencing.

11. Taking a Test

If you dreamed about taking a test, you feel as if you need to prove yourself to others. Only by passing a test can you have evidence that you have the skills and abilities to do your job. You feel that those around you do not trust you and you need a boost to your confidence.

12. Dream of Dying

If you dreamed about dying, there are major changes happening in your life. One area of your life is over and you will be having a fresh start. There will be a transformation in the way that you live.

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