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Dream Meaning – Scary Car Problem

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Dreams about Car Problems

This is my blog where I describe a dream, analyse the meaning of the contents of the dream and then decipher the dream meaning. I love tarot so I also associate the dream with an appropriate tarot card.

Today’s dream is about a car problem or even a person problem. Our dreamer is driving along the road a little recklessly. The dreamer swerves and finds themselves hanging off the cliff in the car. The dreamer could have reversed and rejoined the road but decided to continue the journey over the cliff. The dreamer is confident that they will survive as this has happened before.

The dreamer lands on the ground and has not fallen too far. Our dreamer works out that they are strong enough to lift the car as it is not damaged and put it back on the road. Meanwhile, someone has spotted the car and called an ambulance. The dreamer has a child in the back of the car, they take the child out. The child appears to be physically unhurt but is taken to the hospital.

The dreamer goes to the hospital and tells their family. None of the family will go to the hospital with the dreamer. What does this dream mean?

Car Problem Dreams

Dreaming about your car is a dream about the way that you move through life. If the car is running well, then life is moving smoothly along but if there are problems these could be to do with your health.

Flat Tire Dream

In this dream you are deflated, so it means that you are depressed or disappointed in the way that life is going.

Dead/Flat Battery Dream

In this dream you are lacking in energy or you do not have the power to achieve everything that is expected of you.

Run out of Fuel Dream

If you ran out of fuel in your dream, you lack the financial resources or the energy to continue on your present path.

Car Explosion Dream

If you dreamed about your car exploding or burning, there will be a dramatic change in the way that you live your life. Your current path is no longer sustainable and things will change suddenly.

Electrical Problems with Car Dream

If you dreamed that there was a problem with the electrics in your car, it is likely that you are the victim of a misunderstanding or miscommunication. The wires have become crossed – check the facts before you proceed!

Car Crash Dreams

If someone ran into your car, then your life style is in direct conflict with someone else. Basically, you are getting in someone else’s way. Watch your back!

If you ran into someone else and crashed your car, then you are going to be in direct conflict with someone else. Make sure that you are making the right decision before you proceed. The results of your crash will give you a better idea of how to proceed. Consider if you were injured or if you were safe. Did you harm anyone else and who did you harm?

Driving Car Over A Cliff Dream

If you dreamed about driving your car over a cliff then you are upending your live in a dramatic way. It is possible that you want to make large changes in your life or to start over in some way. You may be considering emigrating or making a large move.

If you are injured this is a warning not to take any drastic action. Consider your reaction to the fall before you decide how to proceed in your life.

Other Dream Elements:

Emergency Services/Hospital

Dreams about emergency services and hospital are about receiving help from external sources. They may represent government or social help or help with your health.

Dream Meaning

In today’s dream, our dreamer decided to drive the car over the cliff. They could have reversed or gone backwards but they chose not to do that. This means that the dreamer wants to make progress in life and does not want to revisit old situations. Our dreamer would rather risk catastrophe than go back to a former situation.

Our dreamer is strong and confident and realises that they will be safe in a new place. The external help was unexpected and the dreamer was not aware of the risk to their child. This dream is a reminder to fully consider actions before making a move.

In the dream, the dreamer’s family are not concerned about the child in the hospital and do not support the dreamer. This is a warning to the dreamer that they will not be able to rely on family support. The dreamer will get more help from strangers.

The child is not physically hurt but perhaps there are mental scars from spending time with the dreamer who is obviously impulsive. This is a warning to the dreamer to think of others and that things may appear ok on the surface but may not be so good underneath.

The car in the dream was not damaged so the dreamer is able to continue on their path. The dreamer returned to the original road so they have gone back to their roots and not taken the new path.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

the hanged man card
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The Hanged Man

I chose the hanged man to represent this dream as the dreamer deliberately turned their life upside down by driving off a cliff. With the hanged man he is purposely hanging upside down to get a different perspective in life before venturing back onto his path.

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