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Are you puzzled about a train ride in a dream?

Train Ride Dreams

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then write an interpretation. There are many ways of receiving messages so I have included a tarot card with a similar meaning to the dream interpretation.

Train dreams are associated with travel but symbolise the way that we are travelling through life. We may walk, drive, take a bus or fly. Trains are terrestrial and communal so consider this when interpreting your dream.

Today's Dream

Our dreamer finds themselves on a train, it is a crowded train and they are unable to find a seat. On the train are many people from different backgrounds and religions. The train comes to a stop and the dreamer leaves the train with a number of other people. The people are from a different ethnic group. Our dreamer realises that they have taken a journey to their birth town although they no longer live there. The people who also exited the train are from a different religion but the dreamer feels comfortable with them.

What does this dream mean?

Trains in Dreams

When you travel by train in a dream you are moving through life with other people. You are not independent but you are part of a community who are on a similar path. If you get off the train, it symbolises where you are heading. If you are unable to get a seat, this means that you are not comfortable on your current path and you will be looking to move soon.

Type of Train

Steam Train - Travelling by steam train in a dream means that you are living a traditional life, you feel nostalgic for the past. If your regular trains are steam powered then this means that you are comfortable in your community.

Modern Train - Travelling by a modern, updating train means that you are using the new technology and tools that are available to improve your life.

Condition of Train in Dream

Crowded Train - If the train in your dream was crowded then you are facing a lot of competition in your life. Perhaps you are in a career and face competition at work or you are competing in a family situation for attention.

Dirty Train - The train in your dream represents your life, your environment is uncomfortable and you would like things to improve.

Noisy Train - Travelling on a noisy train in a dream means that you struggle to centre yourself to find your way because those around you do not give you the opportunity to consider your own goals and needs.

Clean Train - You are moving through life in relative comfort, you are happy to be with a group of like minded people. You are comfortable in your community.

Train Passengers in Dream

The people travelling with you in your dream represent your community and the people on a similar path. Consider how comfortable you are with the people around you, do you like your community or are you different? How do the other passengers treat you? Are you doing well on your path or are you in the wrong carriage? This would mean that you need to make some small changes to your life but not your direction.

Train Destination in Dream

If you get off at a station where you are happy, then you are achieving your goals. If you return to your home town, then you are going back to your roots. Returning to your birth town would mean that you are going back to basics, where everything began.

If you fall off the train, this would mean that there is a sudden change in your life, that you did not expect or welcome. You need to pick up where you are and try again.

If you jump off the train, then you are making an impulsive decision to change your life.

If you stay on the train, this means that you are content to move through life with someone else in control of your destination. This is the train driver. Not a problem so long as the train is comfortable and you are happy in the dream.

Dream Ethnic Diversity

If you dream about people from different religions and races. Your reaction to the people will give you an idea of the dream meaning. You are being asked to widen your horizons and realise that there are many types of people in the world with different backgrounds. If you got on well with the others you will be going into new environments and enjoying the experience.

If you were uncomfortable with the different people it is a warning that you are going to be asked to move outside of your comfort zone and you should mentally prepare yourself for this.

Today's Dream Meaning

In today's dream, our dreamer is living in a community. They are moving through life but due to a lack of seat, they are not comfortable on their path. They are surrounded by people from different backgrounds and not really comfortable with the way things are going.

The dreamer goes back to their roots to try a new start. They realise that things have changed, there are many different people around. This dream is telling them to prepare for change and to embrace it as they are happy to be with those from different backgrounds. The World is opening up for are dreamer so long as they make the necessary changes.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

The Chariot -Rider Tarot Deck

The Chariot

This card is associated with this dream because it is all about travel. The charioteer is trying to control the chariot the black and white sphinxes as moving together but they are pulling in different directions. This is about being strong on your journey, moving on to new adventures and controlling your direction.

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