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Intense emotions in a dream can cause you to wake up in a good or a bad mood? But what do these dreams mean?

Emotional Dreams

You can experience a whole gamut of emotional feelings during a dream state. Some dreams are very vivid and you may wake up angry, scared or disturbed. If you are having a recurring dream that is interfering with the way that you live, you should seek professional help.

Help yourself by reprogramming annoying recurring dreams in your head. Set an intention before sleep so that if you are having a recurring nightmare, you are able to write a new script and change the scary ending. Think of something ridiculous or funny to help you to achieve this.

It is believed that many emotional dreams are a replay of something that happened to us during the day. Read the definitions below to see if these rings true for you.

Anger Dream

This dream can be quite disturbing and reflects a state of pent up anger. Perhaps, there is something happening in your waking life that causes you to be upset, but you are not in a position to vent those feelings. You may be surrounded by unfairness and favouritism, potentially, someone is not listening to you or you are hiding your emotions. An anger dream is your mind’s way of telling you to let your emotions out.

Laughter Dream

If you dreamed of laughing, you have happiness and good times ahead. However if someone was laughing at you and you were unhappy about it, you need to consider who your friends are. Are you getting good advice and making sound decisions in life? Are you lacking in confidence and have a fear of being laughed not based on reality? Take a step back to consider why you are feeling this way.

Laughing with friends is a sign of supportive relationships and a common philosophy. You are living in harmony with those around you.

Crying Dream

A dream where you are crying is a sign of loss or pain. Perhaps you have been disappointed with your life and have been unable to express your feelings openly. A crying dream is a reminder to let your emotions out.

If you dreamed of someone else crying and you tried to help them, you are emotionally secure and strong enough to cope with your own feelings and also to assist others. However, if you were annoyed by someone else crying, you need to think about how your actions may impact those around you. Try to be more sensitive in your approach.

Jealousy Dream

Feelings of envy in a dream, especially when intensified with the colour green, show that you are not feeling valued. Other people in your life are succeeding and getting rewards but it isn’t your turn. Think about why you are unhappy and what steps you can take to improve your feelings of unfairness.

When you dream about someone being jealous of you, consider how fortunate you are. Your reaction of whether to assist them or to ignore them will depend on their relationship you. Be happy that you are admired.

Excitement Dream

A dream about excitement, means that things are going to get better for you. Perhaps everything in your life is not perfect at the moment but being excited means that your plans will come to fruition soon.

Depressed Dream

Dreaming that you are in a low mood and nothing will make you happy is an expression of how dark your life seems. It’s possible that in daily life you are putting on a brave face about how you really feel. Fortunately, this dream is a warning to you to take some action before things get worse. You need to explore your feelings and work out what you can change in order to make yourself feel better.

Scared Dream

Sometimes you wake up scared and sometimes you have had a really scary nightmare. It can be ghosts, zombies, monsters and or real things that scare you. Look up the meaning of the scary thing and think about how you can change things. You may need to write a new script for this dream so that if it reoccurs you can vanquish whatever is causing you fear.

Scary dreams usually occur because something in your life is causing you anxiety. This may be something that has already happened to you or something that you fear will happen. Take whatever steps you can to alleviate this fear.

If you see someone in your dream who is scared. You are being told to act as a reassuring person to help others in your life who are not as brave as you are.

Love Dream

To feel the emotion of love in a dream is a wonderful feeling. It is possible that you have strong feelings about protecting and nurturing someone in a relationship but you are unable to do so in waking life. To dream about the act of making love in a dream means that you have pent up physical desires and you are looking for some release.

Guilty Dream

When you feel guilty in a dream, you should question your acts in waking life to see what you are doing that is causing this feeling. You may be doing something that is legal but your mind is telling you that it is the wrong thing. What actions can you take to make things better?

Surprise Dream

Dreaming about being surprised is a need to have more excitement in your life. Your mind is craving stimulation or for something different to happen to change your routine.

Embarrassment Dream

If you were embarrassed in your dream then you are likely to be doing something secretive in your life. Your dream is reminding you that if others discover your secret you will be embarrassed. Think carefully about your actions and the consequences.

Boredom Dream

To dream of being bored, sadly this means that you are probably depressed or in a low mood. You are not feeling in control of your life or you have little ability to change things. Take what actions you can to alleviate the situation.

Gratitude Dream

It’s lovely to dream of being grateful, you are feeling happy and secure. You are surrounded by people who both help and support you.

If someone in your dream was grateful to you, then you are being rewarded for the kind deeds that you have done. Perhaps people have not shown you that they are grateful to you but your help has really made a difference.

Loneliness Dream

This is a sad dream because you are not feeling supported. You may be surrounded by people but you are unable to truly talk to about how you feel. You need to seek people with similar life experiences and confide in them to get the help that you crave.


I hope that at least one of these 14 emotional dream types rang true for you. Remember to consider all the other aspects of the dream to come up with a complete meaning.

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