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Dream about Driving and Object in the Road

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In this weeks dream our dreamer is driving along the road, there is one passenger in the car, an elder brother. The dreamer does not own the car it has been borrowed from a neighbour who is an old friend of the family. The fuel tank is almost empty so the dreamer goes to a gas station to fill up.  It is difficult to fill up as lots of people are at the gas station trying to get a lift in the car. They are going in a different direction and the brother talks to them and they go away.

The road goes up slightly but our dreamer finds the car is going backwards and is in danger of hitting some other cars, it is really difficult to control. The dreamer tries to control the car, but the tires are smoking, the hazard lights are on and somehow the car rolls back through 3 lanes of traffic without hitting anything. The dreamer starts the car forward again but there is an unavoidable rock in the road, the dreamer tries to avoid hitting the rock and eventually uses their feet to push against the rock to avoid an accident.

What does this dream mean?

Driving a car: Driving a car in a dream is about moving through life. The road is the journey and the condition of the car and the road will give a clue as to the meaning of the dream. 

Passenger: If you dream of being a passenger on a journey, you are depending on someone else to make decisions about your life's direction. If you are driving and have a passenger they are dependent on you. The identity of the passenger will give you an idea of the way in which the person is dependent.

Direction: Generally going upwards in a dream is good, it shows progress in life, whereas going downwards or backwards is a loss of status, money, prospects.

Petrol/Gas for Car: If you run out of gas or are low on gas, it means that you are running out of energy to continue your journey. Perhaps you have been on the road too long with little reward and you need a rest or a change of direction. To have lots of gas/petrol means that you can go a long way without stopping so you are in a situation for the long run.

Hitchhikers: The meaning depends on the situation, you may enjoy helping others to get to their destination or you may find the hitchhikers aggressive and that would mean that others are jealous of your progress. If the hitchhikers try to get you to go n the wrong direction it is a warning that you mustn't let strangers pull you away from your goals.

Object/Stone in Road: An object or stone in the road is an object in life, something that is preventing the dreamer from achieving their goals. The larger the object, the more difficult it will be to move past it. A large stone or rock is really difficult to move, where other objects may just melt away. It can be something that the dreamer needs that is preventing them from moving forward or it could be something external like the prejudices of others. It is important to consider other aspects of the dream to see the reason for the obstruction.

Dream Meaning:

In this dream, our dreamer is going through life, trying to keep the car on the road - most likely trying to make ends meet and make progress towards their goals. Unfortunately, things have not been going great, they have had to borrow a vehicle from a neighbour. On a positive note, the dreamer has friends who are trying really hard to help them to get on track.

The dreamer has a family member as a passenger so others are depending on the dreamer doing well. This is a good relationship as the brother helps to deter some hitchhikers who wanted the dreamer to change direction. The brother is helping the dreamer to achieve their goals. It is also a reminder that there are people who are worse off than the dreamer who do not have transportation.

The dreamer is running low on fuel and energy and so moving on is a struggle. The care tires are smoking, there is danger, the car moves backwards but the dreamer maintains control of the car. Our dreamer has put up with 3 major setbacks and has survived. The dreamer is very determined, and does what needs to be done, turning on hazard lights and trying really hard to avoid a collision with a rock.

The rock represents the major problem for the dreamer that must be overcome to move forward. The dreamer did not hit the rock but used all of their resources and physical strength to avoid a collision. Rocks are old, so it is an old ongoing problem that the dreamer must move around, they have the strength and determination to do this.

Today's Tarot Card:

StrengthThis  Card comes from Rider Tarot Deck

I chose this card because today's dream is all about power, it is about overcoming obstacles and being strong to achieve your goals whatever objects are thrown in your way. In this card a young maid is using her inner strength and calm demeanour to control a lion. With the right attitude we can all be strong and obtain our goals.

Strength represents eleven, the power of fire,

The beast that's within us, the control of desire.

We can either tame the beast or let it run riot,

Better to resist temptation than to try it.

With strength you let the animal exist,

Recognise it's power so you can resist,

Use your power for positive creation

A strong state of mind for self determination.

Remember we all have a lion within

With strength and self control you will win.

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