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This week, I explore dreams about floors. In normal life we take floors for granted, we walk on them, sit on them, lie on them, and unless we are repairing, redecorating, replacing or cleaning them we do not pay too much attention to them. 


Floors in a dream represent our foundation, the base that we stand on. A floor is our support, the basis on which we build our lives. Floors in a dream may also represent our instincts, a lower floor is our base instinct, a middle floor is our real life and a high floor is our dreams and aspirations, things that are above us.

Flooring materials represent the nature of our support, a tile floor is cold, hard and fixed and shows a firm stable belief system. A carpeted floor is warm and padded and shows we have support for our beliefs. A wooden floor is a supportive, traditional structure for our lives, it is firm but not fixed. It is a stable durable foundation. A concrete floor, is cold, hard and basic and shows that we have a basic no-frills approach to life. A laminate floor shows a support system that appears to be stable and long lasting but does not stand the test of time, everything is not what it appears to be.

You dream that a man is in your house, spraying chemicals on the floor. You try to get his attention to stop him treating the floor but you are unable to communicate with him. He is treating the floor as if it is wood but you know that it is laminate and will not respond well to being sprayed and refinished.

In the dream, a stranger is working on your belief system, you are uncomfortable with this. There is a a problem with communication, he thinks that your floor, (foundation) is firm and fixed, where really it is more flexible and fragile. You know that if you do not stop this person your foundation and structure of support will be permanently damaged and will need to be replaced with something else. You attempt to challenge this person but are not successful. This dream can be seen as a warning about who you take into your confidence, you may want to make sure that your foundation and belief system are strong.

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