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Scary Graveyard Dream. Help is here!

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A graveyard dream can be disturbing but often there is a positive meaning…

Graveyard Dreams

You may dream of a graveyard when you have recently lost someone, this dream should be interpreted based on your relationship with the newly deceased. In general graveyard dreams are about changes in our lives. To dream of a graveyard can be a symbol of something that you have left behind. It could be something big like your childhood but could also refer to a change in your behaviour.

Well Tended Grave Dream

This dream means that you are maintaining a change of habit and doing everything that is expected of you.

Damaged Grave Dream

This dream means that your memories of a person have been altered in some way. You have neglected a situation and now it is important to take steps to put things right. The person your dream refers to, may not be dead in the real sense. It can refer to someone that you have not seen in a while.

Person Coming Out Of A Grave

A situation that you thought was over has resurrected itself. Although you probably are disturbed by this, the important thing is to take some action to deal with the situation.

Dream Of A New Grave

If you dream of a new grave and have not recently lost someone, this dream refers to major changes that you have made in your life. You have buried an old habit and are ready to start on a fresh chapter.

Living Person’s Gravestone Dream

A dream about the gravestone of another living person is a sign that they are undergoing major changes in their life. They will seem like a new person after this transformation. If it was your gravestone, then you will be undergoing a major change.

Dream of Digging a Grave

A grave is the place to deposit the past, if you are digging your own grave, this can be a warning that you are getting into self inflicted problems. To dream of digging a grave for someone else is a sign that you want a relationship to end.

Dream of a Graveyard at Night

A visit to a graveyard at night means that you are having dark thoughts about things that have passed. You need to focus on the future and not focus on your regrets.

Dream of Putting Flowers on a Grave

When you dream about putting flowers on a grave, you are showing respect for someone who is no longer in your life. The person may still be living, you can celebrate the time that you had together. However do not try to resurrect this relationship it is truly over!

Dream Examples

I have included a series of dreams and interpretations of the elements in each dream to help you to understand how best to interpret your dreams. Perhaps you had a different helicopter or drone dream, let me know. I am available to interpret a dream for you.

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