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You dream about weddings whether you are due to get married or not. Is it pre-wedding nerves or something else?

Wedding Dreams

Generally getting married in a dream is about making a serious commitment to something. It is a dream about a long awaited change. But there are many types of wedding dreams, see if you can find your dream below.

Attending A Wedding

If you dreamed about attending a wedding but you are not part of the wedding party then you are feeling left behind. It seems as if everyone around you is settling down but you have yet to find either your soul mate or your life purpose.

However, if you dreamed of being the best man, or bridesmaid at a wedding then those close to you have faith that you will be there for them

If you dreamt that your child was getting married but they are too young. You fear that they are growing up and will leave you. Stop neglecting yourself, remember that your happiness is important to your child as well as yourself.

A dream that your parents are marrying someone else and in reality they are not means that you feel insecure in your close family relationships

Divorce Dream

If you dreamed that you were getting divorced but in reality this is not true, then whatever you are doing in life is not working out. You are being told to make some major changes in your life path, especially in your personal relationships.

Cheating On Your Future Spouse

Dreaming about cheating on your future spouse means that you are feeling guilty about something. You are afraid that the commitment you have made will stifle you as a person. You should talk about whatever is bothering you with your partner.

If you dreamed of cheating with the best man or a bridesmaid this is a sign that you have not been honest about your feelings. You should take more time to consider before you sign any paperwork.

Runaway Bride/Groom Dream

If you ran away from your wedding in a dream, you have a fear of commitment. Perhaps you have been pressured into a certain course of action and you would like to escape. Now, is a good time to make a decision about your future and change direction before it is too late!

A dream where you arrive at the wedding but your spouse does not, indicates that you are fearful that those closest to you do not share your enthusiasm and commitment to an important project.

Marry a Family Member Dream

When you dream about marrying a family member, you are letting this person ruin your life. This family member has such a strong hold on you that you are unable to form other meaningful relationships. You need to break free.

Marrying an Ex Dream

A dream of marrying an ex is pure nostalgia. Perhaps you are remembering the happy times together and life seemed better when you were with them. But relationships break up for a reason and it is likely, that should you reunite all of the old patterns would repeat themselves. It is time to move on.

Marrying your Boss or Co-Worker

If you dream about marrying your boss or co-worker, you are being warned that you spend far to much time at work. Happily this is a warning to slow down, think about your other more important commitments.

Happy Wedding Dream

When you dream about a happy wedding, you are contented with your long term plans and the commitments you have made in your life.

Rainy Wedding Day Dream

If your dream involved getting married in the rain, you have a fear that the universe is not smiling on you. You feel that you have not made fortunate choices in your life.

Wedding Outfit Dream

Whether you are getting married or not, this is an anxiety dream. If the outfit is too big or too small, you feel as if you have committed to the wrong thing. You are not a good fit for this person or this situation.

If your wedding outfit is missing you are worried that other people are becoming too close to you. You like to create a beautiful impression and be admired from a distance.

A dream where the bridesmaid and groomsmen clothes are missing, means that you have not had enough time to plan your future and everything feels rushed. You need some more support from those close to you.

Problems With Wedding Meal Dream

If your dream involves a problem with the wedding meal, you have issues with security. Unfortunately, the commitments that you have made in your life might not even take care of your basic needs.

Problems With Wedding Ceremony and Paperwork Dream

If you dream about having problems with a wedding ceremony or the paperwork, you have a fear that what you are doing is unconventional and may not be legal. You would like to take some action but there is always something official that stands in your way.

No Guests Arrive At Wedding Dream

A dream where no guests turn up at your wedding is a fear that those around you do not agree with your long term plans. You are not getting the love and support that you need. You should discuss this or seek support somewhere else.

Dream Meaning Late To A Wedding

A dream where you are late to your own wedding means that you fear that you have missed the deadline for a project. You are embarrassed, it would be a good idea to discuss why you were delayed.

In a dream, if your spouse is late to your wedding, you fear that those close to you do not have the same enthusiasm for a joint commitment.

Dream Meaning Invitations

Receiving a wedding invitation in a dream is telling you to expect some happy times ahead with friends and family. If you were unhappy about the invitation, then this is a dream about a missed opportunity for a long term commitment.

A dream about sending out invitations with the wrong date is an anxiety dream. You feel that there are communication problems between you and your family and friends. They do not understand your long term goals. Unfortunately, when you talk to them things get worse.

Wedding Ring Dreams

A dream about your wedding rings is about the outward signs of a committed relationship. This can be a work relationship or a personal one. If the rings were missing in your dream, then is it going to be difficult to explain your commitment to others.

If your spouse loses a wedding ring in your dream then you will struggle to keep others committed to your project. A wedding ring that does not fit in a dream, is a warning that you are committing to the wrong person or idea.

Forgetting Your Vows Dream

If you are unable to recall your vows in a dream, you should reconsider what you are committing to. Seriously, if you are unsure of your intent, how can you make a long term success of a relationship?


There are so many types of wedding dream, many more things than I have covered here. I didn’t even get to the honey moon! Reach out to me with your dreams and I will interpret them for you.

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