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This weeks dream: in this dream the subject is going on a date with an old friend, but every time she tries to meet him something comes up. The first time they are supposed to meet, she has to make some dough and is late for their date. She looks at her date and sees that she has put dough on his face. The second time that they are due to meet, she is late because she is trying to learn the names of the teams in the baseball league. When they do meet she realizes that she has lost her purse and so the date is over. She retraces her steps and meets up with the boyfriend that she split up with a few months ago. He tries to help her to find her purse, she does not want to tell him that she has a new boyfriend. They walk through an old house together looking for her purse, they find a lot of old photographs from the family that lived in the house and also height markings on the wall where the children of the house had grown up.  She did not find her purse.

Obstacle Dream: Date. This is a classic obstacle dream, the dreamer wants to go on a date but she is unable to do so at this time. When you dream of obstacles, it means that there are blockages that prevent you from taking a certain course of action. You may succeed in the end but you may have to wait for a while and resolve some issues.

Dough Dream:To dream of making dough, is a symbol for making money, earning your bread or putting a crust on the table. The fancier the dough the more money you will have a basic dough means that you will have the necessities. Sweet dough means that life is good, sour dough means that you are not happy in your work, spicy dough means that you have an exciting job. To see a boyfriend of girlfriend with dough on their face, means that you look at them and see money.  You are interested in them for their wealth. Dough on the hands means money in the hand.

Learning Dream: Dreaming that you are learning about teams is something that you do to impress someone, it shows that you do not feel confident with your present level of knowledge. You would learn about teams to impress someone who is interested in sports.

Lost Purse Dream:To dream of losing your purse, this is a sing of a loss of wealth and security. It is where you keep your money, credit cards, make up, keys to your car and home. Losing a purse in a dream is a fear that you will lose everything. Losing a purse on a date shows that you think that this person is a threat to your security.

Old Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Dream: To dream of meeting an old boyfriend or girlfriend is a sign that you are not ready to move on with your life. The person si still connected with you in some way. If you were in a house together perhaps you still own a home together or have children. This person is still a factor in your life or in your security. If you dream about not telling them something, it shows that you still care about their feelings and do not want to hurt them.

Photos Dream: To dream of old photos is a sign that you are feeling nostalgic for a time past. You are thinking about memories good or bad depending on the nature of the photographs. New photos mean new experiences.

Height Markings Dream: To see children's height markings on a wall is to see that time has moved on, you have grown up and so have the people around you. You may be looking back and wondering where the time went.

This weeks dream shows that the subject is not able to move on with her life. She tries to go on a date but she only wants the person's money- she looks at them and sees dough on their face. She tries to date again but feels that she needs to learn all of the baseball teams, so she does not feel that she has anything in common with this person. She goes on a date again and loses her purse, this is a sign that she thinks dating may cost her money and security. She retraces her steps and meets an old boyfriend but she does not want to be truthful with him about moving on with her life because she still has feelings for this person. They walk through an old house that sill connects them and look at photographs that do not belong to them and heights marks of children that are not their children. This shows that she is feeling nostalgic for memories that are not real. Her life with the previous boyfriend was not as romantic as she believes. The fact that the photographs were old show that this relationship is in the past.


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