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In my dream, I met a man who jumped on my back and would not get off. I went for a walk and he was on my back squeezing me with his knees when I tried to make him get off. I looked up in the air and saw a small plane, I heard the engine stall and saw the plane struggle to stay in the air, I knew it was going to crash so I told the man on my back. He didn't believe me at first but then he ran off, the plane crashed to the ground and the man ran away.  I was then able to go home.

The man on my back was not something that I wanted, it symbolises that I am helping or supporting someone even though I do not want to. The plane crash can mean a loss of aspirations or goals that are too lofty and will fail.  In this case a failed goal released me from the demanding man.  The man could be a partner or an employer or boss who controls wants more from me.

Piggyback can be positive if you are helping someone willingly or if someone is giving you a piggyback they are supporting you so long as they are taking you where you wish to go.

Planes are a symbol of our dreams, goals and aspirations, and so circumstances about the flight will give you insight into whether you achieve the goals. A rocky flight with a lot of turbulence is a difficult goal to achieve. A quick descent means that you are failing fast to achieve your goal. A delayed flight would mean delayed achievement of our goals. A smooth flight means that you will make steady progress towards your goals.


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Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

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I dont remeber exactly what the lady said in my dream. But i was walking to a building but the man was closing the store. He pulled the curtains closed. This lady came from the parkig lot and told me i have deep connection intuitive abilities. I agree and the man closing the store asked me to come in the morning he appeared to be a tarot card reader . He was holding alot of things and dropped 1 card infront of me. I immediately said "ohhhh thats a message 4 me" happy and being silly. Then he was the lady suddenly and read it (i couldnt see it was black ) she said reading (not exact words i cant remember) "

Your eyes are closed you dont know where to go. So you walk around lost

And i was happy as i was walking away and the man confirmed to be back tomorrow . I agree and said 1pm sounds okay? He confirmed 130pm and i left skipping

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