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Puzzling Dream about a Plane Crash

Pexels-shamia-casiano-585004 Did you see a plane crash land on water? Find the meanings of all plane dreams here.

The Dream

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In this dream the dreamer is looking up at the sky and sees a strange aircraft, it is a bit like a bus with wings. The aircraft is coming down and crash lands into a small lake. It lands upside down but it is intact. The dreamer calls the emergency services. The dreamer then takes another look at the aircraft and it has flipped back the right way and people are able to get off unhurt. What does this dream mean?

Airplane Dreams

Journey by Plane

Dreams of air travel mean that you are moving comfortably through life. You are exceeding your expectations and rising above everyone else. You will reach your destination quickly.

Flight Delays Dream

If you dream involved a flight delay then your will take longer to reach your goals than expected but you will get there in the end. There may be some inconvenience and discomfort on the way.

Air Turbulence Dream

You are heading towards your destination but there will be some rapid ups and downs on the way. These may be unexpected but they are a normal part of life and you will still be able to reach your goal.

Air Crash Dream

If you dream about an air crash, the meaning depends on whether you were in the crash or you observed it. If you saw a plane crash, it means that there is a lot of turmoil in your surroundings. You may not be directly affected but the environment you live in could feel some ill effects and you may be emotionally scarred by what happens around you.

If you dream about being in an air crash, then all your aspirations will come tumbling down to earth. Perhaps something catastrophic will happen or perhaps you have not been realistic in setting your plans and goals. You will be able to move on from this situation.

Airplane over water dream

To dream of an aircraft over water means that you are able to navigate life's emotional waters with ease. You are able to be detached from situations that may be emotionally difficult.

Airplane over desert dream

If you dreamed of an airplane flying over the desert, you are able to keep cool and rise above difficult situations. 

Emergency Services Dreams

If you dream about calling the emergency services this means that you are living in a situation where you feel that you cannot cope. You need to call others to assist you and help will be available.

Upside Down Dreams

If you or items in your dream are upside down, you are being told to change your perspective on an issue. You are looking at things the wrong way.

Meaning of Today's Dream

In this dream our dreamer saw  people flying above an emotional situation, the water, but then they crashed down and landed upside down. This means that the dreamer is seeing things from the wrong perspective. It was not possible to avoid these problems by flying away. The dreamer calls the emergency services for help but in fact help was not needed as the people were able to help themselves. The dreamer is in a situation where they believe that someone around them is helpless but in fact they are able to help themselves so there is no need to panic.