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In today's dream, our dreamer finds themselves looking at children's books. There are several children's books and the dreamer chooses a book and looks at the illustrations on the last few pages, they then need to go away and write the rest of the book. The illustrations are of cuddly toys and the colour is dark blue.

Dreams about books.

The meaning of a book dream will be based on the relationship of the dreamer with books. A dreamer who cannot read may feel challenged by a book dream unless it is illustrated. It would be a sign that they need to learn something new.

Dreams about books symbolise knowledge and entertainment.

Dreaming of an Atlas: Widen your horizons, a reminder that there are many more places to go and things to do.

Dreaming of a dictionary: A reminder that there are answers to your problems, you need to be methodical and analyse the situation, word by word if necessary.

Dreaming of a comic book: You are already to relax and be entertained and to enjoy the light side of life.

Dreaming of an art book: Sit down and appreciate the finer things in life, escape from the humdrum

Dream of a Children's book: You want to go back to a simpler time or you are being naive about what is happening around you.

Dream of a textbook: You need to study, pay attention to the subject matter, you need some help sorting out an area of your life. e.g. an accounting book would mean that you need to pay attention to your finances. An English Grammar book, would mean that you need to think before you speak or respond because you are in danger of saying or writing the wrong thing.

Dream of a fairytale: this means that things will turn out as expected, positive or negative, everyone knows the ending already.

Dream of a damaged book: this is a warning that you need to check your knowledge as there are some gaps or misunderstanding of some information -check the facts.

Dream of a library: you have a lot to learn and plenty of time and the resources to be able to succeed in your plan.

Dream of a bookshop: the knowledge you need is available at a price.

Dream of a kindle, e-reader, electronic reader: the information you need is available at your fingertips, you need to spend the time to learn your subject matter. If you do not your knowledge will be temporary and surface level, you will not gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Dream of a magazine, newspaper: Your knowledge is current and up-to-date but you will need to keep abreast of new developments.

Dream of a notebook: You need to take notes and make a special effort to learn the information that is offered to you.

Dream of Self-help books: this is a dream telling you that you are on the right track and are ready to make the effort to take the steps needed to succeed.

Dream of Photo-Album - You are feeling nostalgic about times gone by or you need to stop and look back on your journey so far before moving on to your next conquest.

Dream of Illustrations: This is a way of giving you a message in a simple graphical way, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Dream of Dark Blue: Dark blue is like the night sky, it is the ending of a day or a period before the new day dawns. It can also be for a uniform for someone who likes to stick to the rules -especially if the dream depicts dark blue clothes.

Dream of Cuddly Toys: You are looking for comfort, perhaps feeling lonely and so a cuddly toy is a substitute for human contact.

What does today's dream mean?

The dreamer saw the end of a book, the end of the book is the result. The ending was in pictures so the meaning was easy to understand. The book was written for children and the colour was dark blue which is fitting for the end of the book.

The dreamer is going to write a book for children or help children to make decisions about their lives. The dreamer needs to find out the ending so that they can write the beginning of the book. The children know how the book ends but the dreamer has the task of writing a story with that ending.

It is a little bit like having a goal in life, if you know the goal and have a picture of where you need to go, the next step is to work out what has to happen in order for that goal to be achieved.

So our dreamer either has a goal in mind or is working with children who have a goal and their task is to define the steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal. Our dreamer may have a childlike approach to life or could be a teacher or parent responsible for educating the children by writing the book. The goal of the book appears to not be lonely but to avoid human contact, hence the cuddly toy. Perhaps it is an acceptance of being alone and making the most of it. Being happy alone having the comfort of a cuddly toy!

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