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Dream about a Spider, a Web and a Dog

Dream about car problem, manager and a swamp.

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream interpretation. Each element of the dream is a symbol for something and the interpretation sets the dream in context.

In this weeks dream, the dreamer is driving a vintage car, when one of the wheels gets stuck in a manhole. The children are in the back of the car and the dreamer attempts to get some people to help. No-one offers so the dreamer goes into a department store to ask for help. He sees the manager of the shoe department and wants to tell her what has happened. This lady is shouting at her staff and she keeps firing people, she is only interested in sales. The dreamer decides not to ask her for help and leaves with the family.

The dreamer decides to go back to the swamp where people treat each other better and are not rude. The dreamer values people, this manager only values money.

What does this dream mean?

Dream meaning car: A car is the means by which we may progress through life, it is the vehicle to travel down life's roads where we make choices about the life that we want.

Dream meaning vintage car: A vintage car in a dream suggests that the person driving the car likes to look classy and different. They have a unique way of moving through life, they value the traditional way of doing things.

Dream meaning manhole: a manhole is a place in the road where the drains are accessible. Drains move all the household water, the rains and sewage away.  A manhole is a useful and practical thing  so it would mean that the basic hygiene is being taken care of. It is not a pleasant place to get stuck, dreaming about being stuck in a manhole would mean that you are stuck in an unpleasant and toxic environment.

Dream meaning department store: a clean and pleasant department store would show that you are in a place where you are able to purchase a wide range of things. Everything that you need in the way of personal adornment or entertainment is readily available. If you cannot afford the products in the department store then you are not able to achieve all of the personal things that you desire - the meaning will depend on how you feel about this in your dream. To dream of being in a department store where people are treated badly shows a disillusionment with this material place.

Dream meaning manager: a manager is someone who is tasked with motivating and organising individuals to be productive for an organisation. The meaning will depend on your relationship with the manager. A good manager shows you having the support and encouragement that you need to be a better employee. An angry manager shows that you are not getting the support needed and people around you do not respect the efforts that you are making - you either need to do better or get away from an unpleasant situation. If you dreamed of being a manager and it was a pleasant experience, you are encouraged to take on more responsibility and to use your powers to help others. To dream of being a poor manager is a warning that you are not ready to encourage and motivate others, you should take care of your own issues first. To see a manager firing employees would mean that those in positions of responsibility around you do not respect the needs of their subordinates.

Dream meaning swamp: To dream about a swamp implies a going back to nature, being in an ancient environment which has not changed in thousands of years. To be surrounded by nature. The exact meaning depends on the dreamer's reactions to the environment -to enjoy the swamp means that the dreamer is comfortable with nature, the natural world and comfortable with themselves. To be scared in the swamp depicts someone who has less confidence and a fear of the natural environment someone who may be happy in a man-made environment where nature is controlled.

Dream interpretation:

Our dreamer drives a vintage car so we know that this person likes tradition and thinks carefully about the way they travel through life. The journey is important not the speed at which life moves. The car gets stuck in a manhole a place in the town where all the sewage seeps away so the journey turns unpleasant and the dreamer needs to escape. The dreamer is also trying to protect their children and they ask the people around for help. No-one will help out, the dreamer is not the same as the people in the town, they have a vintage car and the people of the town are not willing to help someone who is different.

In desperation the dreamer goes into a department store for help, the manager there is rude and is only concerned with money and sales and does not even talk to the dreamer. The manager is firing employees so the dreamer sees that this person has no interest in helping anyone, even their own employees.

The dreamer decides to move back to the swamp, meaning that they are not comfortable in the town where people are rude. The people in the swamp live closer to nature and are less concerned with appearances and money. they help each other because that is what you do. 

This dreamer is feeling alienated in their current environment, they realise that they may look different and have different values to those around them and they would like to go back to their former place where they felt supported and at home. A place that was better for them and for the children.

Which Tarot Card relates to this dream?


Six of Swords from the Rider Waite Deck

This card depicts a man leaving a difficult situation with his family. The family are not looking back, so there are no regrets. The water is calm and the man is in control. The landscape and the trees ahead look healthy so we can expect things to get better.

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