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This is my blog where I describe a dream, write about the possible meanings of the elements in the dream and finally write a dream interpretation. Today's dream is about painting murals.

In the dream our dreamer lives in a family member's house, they arrive home one day and find three men in the bedroom painting murals. The dreamer is surprised and not sure whether the murals are to their taste. One mural is of a local scene and another is of someone rowing a boat in the reeds, there is no colour except a deep green in the picture. The dreamer leaves the room and when they return, the room has been wallpapered in Chinese wallpaper, it is quite pretty. It is a white and red striped paper with Chinese characters. The dreamer then discovers that this wallpaper is toxic!

Dream meanings:

Living in someone else's house dream: you are not taking full responsibility for your life, you are depending on others and are allowing other people to control the way that you live.

Number 3 dream meaning: Three is a number of production, of prosperity, of increase. It can mean an addition to the family, earning money by your efforts.

Strangers Dream: In a dream they may represent a part of yourself that you do not recognise but they can also be enemies. When you are surrounded by strangers in a dream it shows that you are in a place where you do not feel at home. 

Bedroom dream meaning: this is your inner space the place where you should feel safe and secure. It is a place to relax and be yourself. 

Murals dream meaning: a mural is a large depiction of someones vision. If you painted the mural then your vision is expressed to the world. You have great power of creativity and an ability to express yourself to others in a big way. Depending on where the mural is located will show who and what is influenced by the mural.

Paintings in a dream: these can be a positive or a negative thing depending on who created the painting and why.  If the painting is done by someone else it is their vision that you are buying into. When someone "paints a picture" for you, they are telling you a story. It could represent lies or deception if you do not know or trust the person who painted the picture for you. If you painted the picture you are in control and are in a wonderful creative phase.

Location of dream painting: paintings can appear anywhere, in a kitchen they are related to domesticity, possibly with finances, in the sitting room -they are leisure related, in the bathroom -health related and in the bedroom they are related to our inner life or private life. If you paint in these rooms you are in control but if someone else creates the painting you may need to look out for deception or being 'sold". 

Face Painting: to dream about face painting is to be creative about the way the world sees your subject. If you painted your own face -you are making an image for the world to see. The more creative the face painting the further away from reality is the image that is created. If you paint someone else's face you are helping them to create an image, you may be helping someone with a deception. The meaning depends on whose face you painted, the type of face and other factors in the dream.

General Painting and Decorating in a dream: to dream of painting a house, the details will determine the meaning, the colour, the rooms painted, who painted the room and which room was painted. If you painted your own home, it is a dream that you want to improve your living conditions and make your life better. If you painted the outside of your home -you want to appear successful to others. If you paint the outside of your house an non-traditional way, you want the world to know that you are different and unconventional. If you let someone else paint your house, you can allow others to help you to make a home and you are happy to share your success with others.

Colours Dream Meaning: Red: passion, blood, heat, fire, anger, danger. Blue: cold, ice, distance, sound, ocean, peace. Yellow: bile, fear, fight or flight, sunshine, warmth. Green: nature, naive, health, money, healing. Purple: spiritual, higher level thinking, royal. Orange: memorable, new day, desire. White: purity, truth, innocence. Black: dark, hidden, night, mystery.

Dream meaning rowing a boat: rowing a boat is hard work and progress is slow. This shows a person who is working hard for little gain. If the boat was rowed for pleasure it is fine to be making no progress but if there is a destination the person is making hard work of something and does not have the tools to make life easier.

Dream meaning leaving the room: in a dream when the dreamer leaves the room, they are not accepting responsibility for a situation. They are leaving a situation behind. they are closing the door and cutting themselves off.

Dream meaning Wallpaper: Wallpaper is used to cover up walls and to conceal what is underneath. It is a way of hiding the truth. It can be done in an attractive way but it is still a form of deception. If you dream of stripping wallpaper then you are  pulling back the layers to discover the truth of a situation. If the wallpaper is very old then the truth has been hidden for a long time.

Dream meaning types of wallpaper: Striped Wallpaper: this is a traditional wall covering so the secrets are probably not too unusual.  Flowery Wallpaper: using an interest in nature to cover the secrets beneath. Children's Wallpaper: using the children or being childlike in concealing a hidden truth. Buildings on wallpaper: Distracting from a fault with good architecture. Abstract Patterned Wallpaper: using art and creativity to distract from hidden faults. Writing on wallpaper: the writing is on the wall, the truth can no longer be concealed.

Dream meaning toxic, poison. To dream of  poison in some form means that those around you are harming you. You are in a situation where your environment is hurting you. It could be the people around you, a relationship, a situation or a job. This is a warning dream letting you know that you are in an unhealthy situation and that you need to make changes.

What does today's dream mean? 

Our dreamer is living in someone else's home, they are in some way dependent on someone else and not in total control of their living arrangements. The situation is so bad that even the bedroom has been invaded by three strangers who are changing the room with permission of the home owner but not the occupant of the bedroom. This is very disturbing because the bedroom represents the private space where our dreamer is able to go and relax but it has been invaded by three strangers who are painting large pictures. In this case the number 3 is positive for the strangers who are earning money for painting the murals, the homeowner is being exploited by the painters. Three strangers painting murals in a bedroom is excessive, they are painting in dark green which is the colour of money. One of them is painting a rowing boat in the reeds so he is moving extremely slowly so that he can make more money. The homeowner has purchased the stories created by the painters but the room occupant is not happy. The dreamer does not say much and just walks away in disgust.

The dreamer returns to find that the room has been wallpapered to cover the murals, the wallpaper looks ok, it is red and white striped so it is traditional except for the Chinese characters. These characters represent the writing on the wall, the truth is there, it is disguised. This means that the wallpaper covers up the earlier deception but the truth is still there and it is toxic. There needs to be more honesty in the relationship and the dreamer needs to accept more responsibility.

Our dreamer needs to get out of the current situation and take more control of their life. They need to set boundaries and try to protect the homeowner who is easily deceived. It is important for the dreamer to face the truth and not allow the homeowner to continue with the deception because it is impossible to hide the truth.

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Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

Main blog page: What does my dream mean?

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