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Five things to consider in a dream about a game.

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Think about the type and purpose of the game to understand your message…

Dreams about Games

There are so many types of games, video games, sports games, board games, children’s games and each has a different meaning. Five things to think about

  1. What was the object of the game?
  2. Were you winning or losing?
  3. Did you watch someone else playing a game?
  4. What were your emotions about the game?
  5. Who was playing the game with you?

Dream meaning by Game Type

Video Games

In these games, you may be competing against others in life. You may be trying to survive or to solve a problem. The dreams mean exactly that. You might be trying to wipe out the competition in life, or you may solve one puzzle and then realise that you still have a long way to go. In the dream you may be an Avatar, which means that you feel you need additional skills or training in order to succeed.

Sports Games

To dream of a physical game of sports, shows that you have the stamina and will to succeed. Perhaps, you are ready for a new challenge. If you are playing games where you need to score goals then you are a competitive person. Games where you have to be quick show that you are interested in speed. Games where you need patience and skill show that these are the qualities that you would like to have.

Board Games

When you dream about a board game you are usually competing with others based on luck or intellect. If the game was chess you are competing on strategy. If the game was monopoly you are working on your finances. A dream about playing scrabble means you are competing with others based on your language skills.

Games where a dice is rolled or cards are shuffled are based more on chance so your success or failure will be because of luck as much as skill.

Children’s Games

Dreaming about playing children’s games when you are not a child, may mean that you have nostalgia for a time in the past when life was simpler. If the dream involved dressing up, you are pretending to be something that you are not!

Dream about Winning or Losing a Game

If you win the game you will succeed at your present task. Perhaps you scored points towards a long term goal by completing a task. It is fortunate if you saved others in your game. A team game meaning will depend on your role in its success of failure. You may be supporting others or you may have people around you that will help you to reach your goals.

If you win a game where you had to outwit or out think others, you have the intellectual skills and education needed to succeed. Winning at Monopoly means that you will have financial success whereas losing means that you need to think about how you spend your money.

Losing a race in a physical game means that you need to work on your personal fitness and how quickly you react to situations. Losing a game of chance means that you should either take fewer risks or wait until your luck changes before you attempt the same thing again.

To win at a children’s game means that your success will be small and not too important. To lose at a children’s game means that you are focussing on the small things instead of looking at the big picture.

To play games such a croquet in a dream and win, would mean that you will succeed in creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. To lose would mean that you are spending too much time looking at the past. You cannot go back and change things.

Dream about Someone Else Playing a Game

If you watched someone else playing a game in a dream you are spending time thinking about others and possibly becoming too involved. You need to take care of your own life.

If you were supporting a team of a friend in a game then you are willing to help others achieve their goals. This is especially true if you were the team coach and it is your role to help others.

Dream about Game Emotions

The question to ask yourself is whether your happiness or sadness about winning or losing a game is in proportion to the event. In other words, were you really ecstatic about a small win? If so you are putting too much emphasis on little things. This is especially true if you were devastated about a loss, perhaps you lost at a card game or playing chess. You have to remember that these are games. There are always disappointments and so the more upset you were the more difficulties are ahead for you.

If you were proportionately happy then good times are ahead but these may not last too long. Happiness as the result of playing a game may not have lasting impact. You are only as good as your last win!

Dream about Games, Solo or a Team?

Happily, if you played a team game, then you are easy to get along with and you like to work with others to achieve mutual success. However, if you did not play well as a team then you are best working alone. You are better at having the freedom to make your own choices. You do not like to obey the rules and you would prefer to lead rather than be lead.

If you played a game alone and were happy, then you are satisfied with you own company. You have the confidence to create your own adventure. If you played alone but were sad about it, then you must look for a new partner in life to help you achieve your goals.

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