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Sea dreams are quite easy to understand, read on to find out how….

Sea Dreams

The sea is made up of water. Water is associated with emotions. The sea represents our inner landscape. It represents how we feel about things. Therefore a rough sea represents wild swings in emotion whereas a calm see means that we are at peace with ourselves.

Dream of Being In Deep Water

To dream of deep water means that you are emotionally of financially out of your depth. Your finances are described a liquid and if you borrow too much you may be out of your depth. Consider which is the true meaning for your situation and then take appropriate action.

Dream about Drowning

This dream is telling you that you are not coping with the situation you find yourself in. There are too many people around you who are emotionally draining you and leaving you weak. You need to take some time for yourself in order to regain your balance.

Aquatic Life Dream

If you were surrounded by friendly creatures then your life is full of promise and variety. If you dream involved dangerous predators, it means that you need to move away from a current emotional situation.

Dream of Waves

Large waves mean unstable emotional situations, small waves bring variety in life. the waves represent the ups and downs in life.

Dream of Surfing

If you dream of surfing and you are able to balance on the surfboard, This means that you are in charge in your life and able to cope with whatever emotional situation that life gives you.

Dream about Sailing, Paddleboarding, Wind Surfing

Any dream where you master the waves is a sign that you are in charge of your feelings. You can overcome any difficulties. If you are struggling in the water, if means that you should consider a different approach to your emotions. It may be time to revise your goals to something that is more achievable for you.

Paddling Dream

To dream about paddling in shallow water means that you are being timid with your emotions. You are just getting your feet wet, perhaps you are at the beginning of a new relationship.

Swimming in the Sea

A dream of swimming in the sea means that you have the strength to follow your path and get to the places that you want to go. You are comfortable emotionally and adapted to your environment.

Dream of a Rip-Tide

To dream of being caught in a rip tide is a warning that things are going to be tough emotionally for a while. If you hang on you will be able to survive the situation, keep doing what needs to be done.

Dream of a Dried up Sea Bed

If the sea has dried up, you are feeling emotionally exhausted and unable to give any more love to anyone. Give yourself some time to heal before trying to get involved in a new relationship.

Dream about High Tide

In a dream of high tide or a flood. You emotions are at their height you are feeling overly emotional and volatile, be aware that high tide does not last long and you will soon be feeling more normal again.

Dream about Low Tide

You are feeling emotionally tired and unable to fully appreciate your relationships. This is a passing phase and with a little break you will be able to regain perspective.

Dream about Fishing in the Sea

If you dreamed about fishing and you successfully caught a fish, then you are able to gain what you need from current relationships. If you were unable to catch a fish in your dream it is possible that you are in a bad relationship and will never get the things that you want. You may need to find a different love to make yourself happy.

Dream about Diving

If you dreamed about diving or swimming under water, this means that you are emotionally in a good place. You are in your element. If you struggled to breath, it means that your relationship is crushing you and you should rethink your choices.

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