What does my dream about a dog mean?

What does my strange dream about books mean?

Pexels-san-mosconi-14586769Did you dream about books, refrigerators or photo albums? Read on to learn what this means....

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Today's Dream

In today's dream our dreamer has taken a lot of books and photo albums to work and stored them on a bookshelf. One day the dreamer arrives at work and discovers that the books have been put away and the photo albums are in the refrigerator. What does this dream mean?

Dreams about books

Books represent knowledge and learning. They represent stories, history and ideas. The context of the books in your dream will give you a better idea of the message. The more books you have, the greater your knowledge.

Picture Books Dream

If you dream about picture books, you are most likely a visual person. You like to learn things visually and enjoy colours and art.

Textbook Dreams

If you dream about textbooks, you are worried that you may not have enough knowledge to tackle a current situation. The textbooks are a reminder that you can learn what is needed. Help is available to you.

Story Book Dreams

If you dream about novels and stories you are embracing the experience and thoughts of others.

Note Book Dreams

If you dreamed about an empty notebook then you are ready to learn something new. A full notebook represents how far you have come and what you have learned.

Damaged Books

If your books are damaged, ripped, burnt or defaced, it means that your knowledge may need to be updated. Either those around you do not respect what you know, they may have damaged your books, or if you damaged the books you do not have confidence in your own abilities.

Dream about Photo Album

A photo album is a collection of your experiences. There may be photos of family which means that the album represents your past relationships with family. A photo album is the story of your personal journey of how you became the person that you are. It is photographic evidence of where you have been.

Dream about a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is made to preserve things in a cold environment. If you dream about a refrigerator you are trying to preserve something. You may also be putting something on ice, in other words you may be putting something aside to deal with later. You know that the items will still be there when you come back to them.

In a relationship dreaming about a fridge means that the passion has cooled. If you put a person into a fridge you may be trying to delay making a decision about your relationship.

Putting food into a fridge means that you are saving your resources for another day. 

What does today's dream mean?

The dreamer has taken a lot of books which represent knowledge to work. However the people that the dreamer works with have moved the books away. This means that the dreamer is not able to use all of their knowledge and skills at work.

The dreamer has also taken personal photo albums to work. The albums have been put in the refrigerator. This means that the dreamer is being advised not to mix business and pleasure. The work environment requires that the dream puts their personal memories and relationships aside whilst they are working.

The memories are being preserved for another time.

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