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Dream about losing a shoe

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In today's dream our dreamer is sitting at a table in a hotel, there are 5 of them at the table. One is a sister and another is an old friend from school. There is a disturbance and the lights go out. It is dark and the dreamer has lost their shoes. The school friend has a torch and helps the dreamer to find the right shoe, eventually a left shoe is found but it is not the matching shoe. The friend starts talking to the sister about someone the dreamer used to date and says they look good now. The dreamer agrees but wants to find the left shoe of the pair. The friend loses interest in finding the shoe because the other one is good enough. What does this dream mean?

Dream meaning hotel: If you dream about a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast - you are in transition between one phase or one place in your life and another. Hotels are temporary accommodation so the place that you are in now will change and transition into something else. The condition of the hotel will give you an idea of whether this is a positive or negative change for you. A broken down hotel would mean that things are not going well at the moment, a luxurious hotel means that financially things are good - however these are transitory places and so change will come either way.

Dream meaning 5 - Five is the number of change and growth. It means that things are not stable and that you are ready to move on to something better.

Dream meaning Sister - Dreaming about your sister is usually a symbol of close family ties, friendship and happy times. The context needs to be taken into account and also the relationship with a sister in real life. Dreaming about a sister if you do not have one, shows that you still have close friends and ties who will be loyal to you in the long run.

Dream Meaning Dark - If you dreamed of being in the dark and unable to see, this means that you are struggling to find your way in life. You may be lacking the information you need to make a decision, you may be afraid to move forward or feeling lost and unsure about how to proceed.

Dream Meaning Shoes - If you dreamed about shoes you are thinking about the way that you move through life, shoes protect our feet and enable us to go further, to move comfortably on different surfaces and terrains. You may dream of shoes to enhance your beauty and make you more attractive. Broken or uncomfortable shoes will make it hard for you to progress on your path in life, it might mean that you need to do a rethink or reassess your needs. If your heels were too high, it is a sign that you are deliberately making yourself vulnerable and allowing vanity to prevent you from making progress towards your goals.

Shoes have soles and sometimes the dream may be referring to your soul. A lost shoe dream means that you have lost or not yet found your partner or your soul mate.

Dream Meaning Torch/Flashlight - dreaming of a torch or flashlight literally means shedding some light on a situation in your life. A flashlight helps you find the way. A broken flashlight or torch means that you will struggle to find your next step or you may have to choose an alternative source of help to reach your goals.

Dream Meaning Old Friend - When you dream of old friends it is usually because you are feeling wistful about past times. You may be looking back at a situation and wondering why things did not work out or wondering how you got to your present place. An old friend in a dream is still someone who is traditionally there to help and support you. Their appearance can be related to the events that were happening in your life when you were friends - relationships, education, work.

Dream Meaning:

In this dream our dreamer finds themselves in a temporary situation based on the hotel and the number 5. They are in a position of transition and change and are surrounded by friends who want to help. Everything goes dark and the dreamer has lost become lost. The friend who provides the torch helps them to find their soul -this is the first shoe. They find another shoe but it is not a perfect match, the friend thinks this is good enough. The dreamer is also reminded of an ex by the sister and friend so they are trying to help the dreamer find love. The dreamer is looking for their soul mate and it must be a perfect match. This dream is about finding true love and the message to the dreamer is that friends may want to help you find a partner but they can only do so much. Ultimately the dreamer must find their best match, their soul mate, even if it takes a long time and others give up trying to help.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

5 cupsRider Waite Tarot - The Five of Cups

I chose this tarot card to go with the dream because it is associated with the number 5, the number of transition and change. The suit of cups is associated with the emotions and love. In this card the person is in a relationship but three cups have fallen over and two are left standing. There is a choice, to stay and make the best of what is left of this relationship or to move onto something different. This is the choice of our dreamer, to be in an imperfect relationship, the shoe that doesn't quite match or to continue to look for their soul mate.

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