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Dream about a Spider, a Web and a Dog

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then offer a dream interpretation. I do this to help put the elements of the dream in context so that a better interpretation can be achieved.

In today's dream the dreamer sees a large brown spider, it is about 8 inches across, the spider is in the dreamer's bedroom. The spider attacks the dreamer, although the dreamer is not bitten. There is a huge diagonal web going across the room from floor to ceiling both sides. It is about 6 inches wide and about twelve feet in length. The dreamers dog comes into the room and tries to chase the spider away but the spider fights back. The dreamer is scared. There are some additional spiders of normal size in the corner of the room but these are not a threat.

What does the dream mean?

Spider Dream meaning: Spiders are scary to many of us but they are traditionally associated with feminine energy, this goes back to the ancient Egyptians and is also referenced by Freud. I find this a bit odd but understand that spiders can represent patience, they are diligent and create beautiful intricate webs. They are agile and wait until the prey is caught in the web before they attack. Perhaps this is why they are described as feminine, they do not go to war directly, they wait until the prey is compromised before the attack so then it is easier to overcome prey that might be too strong or too quick for them to catch. Woman are less likely to be direct so perhaps are more spider like.

If you dream about a spider attacking you, watch out for a woman who is trying to deceive you and overpower you. If you admired the spider in your dream then you are happy to watch the antics of others as they try to achieve their goals.

Spider Web Dream Meaning: Spider's webs are deceptively strong, they are intricate and some are beautiful. Spider's create them with patience and work hard to achieve a strong web.

If you are caught in a spider's web you have been deceived by a cunning female. You did not see the trap that had been laid for you.

If you see the web but are not trapped, you become aware that someone is trying to trap you in a situation that will be difficult to escape from.

If you see a spider's web and admire it, you are enjoying the creative pursuits of someone else.

If you weave your own spider's web, then you are being given the opportunity to be creatively productive and can expect great rewards for the work that you have created. If you fail at this pursuit then you will not receive recognition for you work.

Diagonal Lines Dream Meaning: If you dream about diagonal lines, you will encounter unexpected problems as the lines are not coming at you directly.

Cross shape dream meaning: A cross that is not in a religious configuration is a sign of trouble or conflict, two lines are meeting and continuing beyond each other so there is no joining together. Each line continues as if the other does not exist. The cross is a symbol used by Christianity but is a place of execution so it is not a fortuitous sign for most people.

Dog Dream Meaning: This depends on your relationship with dogs and how the dog behaved in your dream. Dog's are man's best friend so most dog dreams are positive. A dog is your protector and friend.

Barking Dog Dream Meaning: A barking dog, is a good omen if the dog was happy to see you, it is a welcome and shows that you are surrounded by friends who want to have a good time.  An aggressive barking dog, shows that you are hanging out with people who do not have your best interests at heart, they may feel threatened by you or you may be threatened by them. Either way there is a lack of trust so you can work on making things better or move on.

Swimming Dog Dream: If you dreamed about swimming with your dog, you will enjoy good times out with your friends. If the dog was in trouble, you may be asked to help a friend who is in a difficult situation. If the dog rescued you, then your friends will help you out of a difficult situation.

Running Dog Dream: If you were running with the dog, then it foretells happy times outside with your friends. If you were chasing the dog, you will have trouble keeping up with your friends who are in better condition than you are. 

Dream meaning dog chased you: If you dreamed about a dog chasing you and it was aggressive, you need to think carefully about who your friends are and consider moving to a new environment. If the dog chasing you was happy, then other people in your environment admire you and want to keep up with you.

Dream meaning sleeping dog: If you see a dog sleeping peacefully in your dream, your friends are comfortable an relaxed around you.

Dream meaning Growling Dog: This is a warning that you are about to encounter some trouble and even your friends will not be supportive of you. You need to move away from the situation.

Dream meanings different breeds of dogs.

You could have some fun trying to work out what a different breed of dog could mean in your dream, e.g. a laborador retriever is a loving friend who likes to swim and fetch things for you. A poodle is sweet, intelligent, tidy around the house and fussy about their hairdo. an Afghan hound is not too smart but is very pretty. A greyhound is a fast friend and a rottweiler is loyal and very fierce!

Dream Meaning

Our dreamer is in danger of being manipulated or trapped by a cunning woman who has gone to a great deal of trouble to ensnare our dreamer. The web is huge and deceptively spaced across the room. The woman is likely a family member because the web has been spun in the dreamer's home. The dreamer is aware that a trap has been set but is surprised by the extent of the web. The dog represents a friend who comes to the aid of the dreamer and the dreamer is surprised at the way the enemy woman also attacks the friend. It is not normal for someone to be this aggressive. The other smaller spiders represent other smaller problems that were predictable and that the dreamer feels able to cope with.

The warning is for the dreamer to look out for a huge amount of opposition and to be prepared to handle a difficult situation at home. It is unlikely that the dreamer can avoid this situation because it has been planned for a long time and it is happening in their home.

Tarot card related to this theme.

Fullsizeoutput_f80Rider Waite Tarot

I chose the eight of swords to go with this dream, the spider has eight legs and is associated with feminine deception. In the eight of swords we have a woman who cannot see what is happening to her. She is wearing a blindfold and although she can move away from a situation as her feet are not bound she cannot tell where to go. Her arms are bound as if she is tangled in a spiders web. It is possible that she is being deceived but she cannot see it. Swords represent air so a lot of the suffering is going on in the mind rather than in the physical realm.

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