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Dream about losing a shoe

Dream about Cell Phone or Mobile Phone

This is my blog where I describe a dream and then analyse the different elements of the dream to understand the message of the dream.

In today's dream, our dreamer is watching a nephew playing with their cell phone. The nephew holds a magnet to the cell phone. The dreamer is upset and is worried that the memory will be erased. The dreamer takes back the cell phone and is enraged to find that everything has been deleted.  What does this dream mean?

Dream meaning: Cell Phone/Mobile Phone. Dreaming about a cell phone or mobile phone is about identity and communication. Mobile phones are used to contact other people, we depend on them to stay in constant touch with friends and family. A phone is used to take photos so is used to create memories. Mobile phones may be used to upload to social media which is concerned with the image that we want to portray to the world. We may use a GPS on a mobile phone to find our way. 

Dream Meaning  - Lose Mobile/Cell Phone: To dream of losing your mobile phone is a fear of losing your identity and losing touch with those that you care about. If you use your phone mostly for finding your way -then your fear is of getting lost . If you use your phone for social media your fear is of losing touch and not knowing everything that is happening in your circle. 

Dream Meaning  - Finding a Cell Phone - If you found someone else's phone, then you are feeling like an intruder in someone else's life. Perhaps someone has opened up to you and shared too much information or you are feeling overwhelmed by other people's demands on you. If you found your own phone this is a sign that communication for you is going to become much easier and smoother.

Dream Meaning - Broken Cell/Mobile Phone - If your cell phone is broken in a dream, this is a warning that you are having communication and image problems. You may be feeling lost of cut off from friends and family. If the memory of your cell phone is lost then you have last touch with those that you care about.

Dream Meaning -New Cell/Mobile Phone - If you bought a new phone or were given a new phone, you will have better and faster communication. You will be feeling refreshed and happy and will be in touch with your image, your memories and those you care about.

Dream Meaning - Family Members.

Dream Meaning - Father - Generally, a father in a dream represents someone who is in authority and who cares about you and your future.

Dream Meaning - Mother - Generally, a mother in a dream represents someone who nurtures you, feeds you an takes care of your needs.

Dream Meaning - Brother - Generally, a dream about a brother, represents someone who is protective towards you and has been through similar experiences in life.

Dream Meaning - Sister - Generally, a dream about a sister, represents a companion in life who is similar to you in background. Someone who is there for you for the long term.

Dream Meaning - Grandparents - Generally a dream about grandparents is about people in your life who are mature, experienced and who care for you. They have your best interests at heart. 

Dream Meaning - Uncle or Aunt - Generally a dream about Uncle or Aunt is a sign that you are moving away from the influence of your immediate family. You are in touch with family but have distanced yourself.

Dream Meaning -Nephew or Niece -Generally a dream about a niece or nephew is a sign that you will have small trials in life with family, simple conflicts and responsibilities that you may not have asked for.

Dream Meaning - Children- Generally, dreaming about your children, this represents your desire to grow and to nurture and to make a difference. Children can also represent your inner child that has a need to come out and play.

What does today's dream mean?

The nephew using a magnet to destroy the phone memory. The dreamers family are causing problems for the dreamer, the dreamer is in danger of losing their friends and close connections because of a family member. The family is deliberately making it difficult for the dreamer to maintain their social life, their identity and their ability to freely move around.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream.

10 swordsThe Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I chose this card because it is about endings, it can mean death to a way of life and a new start in the future as the dawn is breaking. This card is about being stabbed in the back so many times that you can't go on, something has to change. You are feeling defeated. This is in line with the dream where the family are cutting the dreamer off, breaking communications and isolating them.

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