Dream about Statues and A Graveyard
Dream about a helicopter, broken legs and a closet

Dream about Ex-Boyfriends Mother

This is my dream blog, where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning.  In this weeks dream, our dreamer is in a room with her ex-boyfriends mother. There is an ice cooler with some juice in it and inside the juice is some meat. The meat turns into nuts. The dreamer wakes up in the dream and is scared by a brown moth flying into their hair.  The dreamer then smiles and wakes up. This dream was scary to the dreamer and felt like a nightmare.

What does this dream mean?

Mother Mother's symbolise fertility, nurturing, selflessness, making sacrifices to help someone to grow. To dream about an ex-boyfriend's mother would be a reminder that although you rejected or were rejected by the boyfriend, he still has a mother to nurture and care for him. He does not need you to do that. 

Ice Cooler   An ice cooler represents coolness and frigidity. The coolness is contained in a small box and it lacks the power of of fridge. It is temporarily cool so not very effective in the long term.

Juice  In a dream juice represents nourishment, it is available with little effort. A sign of being easy and available.

Meat  This can represent good luck or bad luck depending on the condition of the meat. It may be seen as a sign of riches or of something that has gone wrong if the dreamer is vegan or vegetarian.

Nuts  These can symbolise craziness, male sexuality or the availability of the basic needs in life. Nuts are a good source of protein. In context the meaning will depend on the dream and the culture of the dreamer.

Moth  To dream about a moth, it can be a petty annoyance, it may be the type that eats your clothes. Moths flying at you are annoying but they are not strong so the problem is small. If you feel that the moth represents you, then you are feeling weak and vulnerable as moth's are delicate and do not live long.

Brown  Dreaming about brown, it is the colour of earth and the natural world, it is the colour of dead leaves and things that have been discarded.

Hair  Dreaming about hair, hair represents sexuality, seduction and vanity. Dreaming about getting a new hair style would mean that you are changing your attitude towards your close relationships and your personal style. Dyeing your hair in a dream would mean that you are open about the changes you are making in your sexual attitudes. To see your hair falling out, is the decay of your vanity.

Dream Interpretation

Our dreamer sees the ex-boyfriend's mother and is reminded that he no longer needs them. The mother is in the room and making the dreamer feel inadequate. The ice cooler makes the dreamer feel uncomfortable sexually as if they have been frigid. The dreamer was too easy (juice), things were good, (meat) and the boyfriend was virile (nuts). It seems that the relationship changed very quickly from one thing to another. The brown moth in the hair was disturbing, it is a symbol of a weak sexual relationship that no longer exists (brown).   The dreamer smiles although scared, this is putting on a brave face and not letting the mother know how deeply the dreamer has been hurt.

Our dreamer has been hurt in a relationship, perhaps feeling unwanted, that they were too available. The relationship changed quickly from one thing to another. The end of the relationship is a blessing as it was weak, like a moth and unsustainable. The dreamer smiles and will be able to overcome this set back.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream

The Rider Tarot Deck

I chose this card today, the nine of swords, because it represents nightmares and disturbed sleep. Our dreamer classified the dream as a nightmare and awoke feeling scared. 

The nine of swords brings nightmares and stress,

Pessimistic thoughts that you can't suppress

You may suffer a miscarriage or worry about a friend

Your pessimism has no end.

Unable to relax, come back from the brink.

Things may not be as bad as you think!

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