Dream about a helicopter, broken legs and a closet
Dream about dorm room and key

Dream about Escaping a Spider Web

This is my blog where I describe a dream, analyse the elements of the dream and then give a dream meaning.  Today's dream is very simple, the main element is a spiders web.

Our dreamer is in a room and starts to notice a spider's web starting to form around them. They are aware of other people in the room who are bothered by the spider's web. There is no spider visible and the web is getting thicker and thicker and starting to cling to the walls. Nobody seems to know where the web is coming from. The dreamer starts to become scared of the web too.

The dreamer becomes aware of a lady who says that she can help. The lady grabs the hand of the dreamer and leads them away. The street is also full of spider's web, people are running away and screaming because of the web.  The dreamer and the lady go to a new building and there is no web, but then the web starts to build in the new place too. What does this mean?

Dream Meaning

Spiders Web To dream about a spiders web has a few different meanings depending on the situation. Spider's use webs to catch their prey, so if you dream of being in a spider's web and you are not the spider, then you are in danger of becoming entangled in a difficult situation that may destroy you or at least tie you up for a while. we often talk about a web of lies and deceit, you may be caught up in some intrigue, someone may be telling lies about you.

If you see a beautiful spiders web and you are not in danger, you may be being asked to appreciate the small things in life. If you are scared of spiders, you may be being asked to reconsider your attitude to something.

Spider Dream  a spider dream is telling you to face your fears. To see a scary spider in a dream means that you need to confront the things that are bothering you and to stop running away or avoiding situations.

Building Dream Buildings are places where we shelter from the elements, they are designed to protect us from the weather and also from each other. The condition of the building in the dream and the type of building will give you a better idea of it's meaning.

A damaged building would mean that you are vulnerable to the elements and to attacks from others. a new building means that you are secure and protected. An old building that is in good condition means that you are protected by tradition. A tiny building means that you have just enough to get by.

What does this dream mean?

Our dreamer is surrounded by a web of lies and deceit and it is getting worse. The web is getting so thick and bad that it is effecting everyone else around the dreamer. A good lady tries to help the dreamer and leads them through the streets to a safer place. The problem is present wherever the dreamer goes, in the street and then it follows the dreamer to the new building. This dream is a warning to the dreamer, the only way that the dreamer can get out of a difficult and scary situation is to find the spider. In the dream, the spider is not visible it is hidden so the source of the lies and deceit is hidden. The dreamer has to find and confront the spider or else the problem will persist wherever they go.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream


Rider Tarot Deck

I chose the moon as this weeks card because it reflects deception which is related to this dream.

The moon signifies a period of fluctuation

A Hidden agenda, a difficult situation

Dishonesty and danger, a false friend

Ulterior motives from one who pretends

Creative endeavours, hidden deceit,

Slander, deviousness, liar and cheat.

Inhibited and feminine, the inner mind,

A period of flux and feeling confined.

a card of change, illumination,

Having bad dreams, imagination.

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