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Dream about a helicopter, broken legs and a closet

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In this weeks dream, our dreamer dreams that their brother is in a helicopter crash. The brother's legs are broken and they have to be removed. The bones of the legs are exposed. The brother is interested in going into the closet and that is all.

What does this dream mean?

Helicopter  Dreams about a helicopter are concerned with movement and freedom. Helicopters move up and down with ease.  If you dream of going up in a helicopter, that is a positive sign as things are going to get better, whereas to go down is a sign that things will get worse. To dream of a helicopter crash means a sudden loss of movement and freedom. The meaning will depend on if you were in the crash or who was in the helicopter.

Legs  Dreams about legs will depend on the condition of the legs and what they were doing. We rely on our legs to move around so healthy legs mean that you are able to move around under your own power. Short legs in a dream would mean that you may need to work harder to get where you are going. Long legs give you the ability to move faster.  Skinny legs may mean that you lack stamina. Fat legs in a dream mean that you are carrying an extra burden and it will require extra effort to reach your destination. Broken legs would mean that you are no longer able to make progress towards your goals unless you are given assistance. Amputated legs in a dream means that you are totally dependent on others and are unable to move forward in life on your own. Exposed bones in the legs show total exposure of the inner self.

Closet  Dreams about a closet. A closet is a place where personal things are hidden. To dream of going into a closet symbolises hiding away from the world.

Brother  To dream of a brother in a dream, symbolises good times with family, energy and inspiration.

Today's Dream Meaning

Our dreamer dreamt that their brother was in a helicopter crash. As a brother symbolises good times, energy and inspiration, the crash would mean a sudden end to freedom of movement and inspiration. The broken legs and amputation of the legs show that the change in circumstances are probably permanent. The exposed bones show that the  dreamer is in danger of exposing their innermost self to the world. The dreamer does not want to be exposed and and opts to hide in the closet. This is a dream about losing freedom and feeling exposed and powerless. The dreamer is unable to run away from the situation so they decide to hide instead. The dreamer does not want everyone to know about their problems.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream


The Rider Tarot Deck

The eight of swords represents a person who is captive but unlike the person in the dream, they are able to break free. With the eight of swords the person's legs are free so they are able to move on but because they are bound they are letting their limitations stand in the way. The ties are loose so the person could escape and remove the blindfold. The castle is close behind if only the person is willing to take a step towards it. 

The eight of Swords shows a time of stress,

You are feeling trapped and in a mess.

Only you can decide how to proceed, 

Confronting your fears is what you need.

Feeling restricted, there is a way out, 

Face your fears and lose your doubt!

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