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Dream about Statues and A Graveyard

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In today's dream our dreamer is travelling in a car with mother.  Mother is driving the dreamer through a graveyard, there is a pond surrounded by female statues of different ethnicities. The statues are beautifully dressed and are set to be walking in a circle around the pond. The dreamer is scared of the statues. Our dreamer and mother are just about to leave the graveyard, when our dreamer realises that they have lost their phone. Mother agrees to drive back to find it. Our dreamer is scared of the statues but needs to retrieve the phone.  Fortunately the phone is in the road and not too close to the statues and it is easily retrieved.

What does this dream mean?

Being driven in a car: If you are being driven in a car, you are not in total control of your destiny. The road is your journey through life and it is being controlled by someone else. Being in a car shows that you are relatively comfortable in life unless the car was dangerous or broken. The condition of your life is reflected in your mode of transport.

Mother: Mother's usually represent someone who cares for you. The actions of the mother need to be considered and the dreamers personal relationship with mother. A mother can be a symbol of nurturing, sacrifice and guidance.

Graveyard: A graveyard is a place where we let go of people from the past. We bury the dead although we may go back to visit or reconnect with them. It is a place of memories and sometimes sorrow. Dreaming about a graveyard means that you are thinking about people who were previously in your life but who are no longer with you. This does not mean that they are dead, but they are dead to you! You may be feeling nostalgic or sad about people that you have lost touch with and a visit to a graveyard could be that you are feeling sad about how things turned out.

Pond: The type and condition of the pond is important when interpreting pond dreams. Generally, ponds represent a time of reflection, of looking at yourself. This is particularly true of a clear pond where you can see a reflection in the water. A lush pond with lots of reeds and lily pads would be happy memories, fertile and lively. Whereas a dark muddy pond would mean that the reflections are unpleasant memories and are clouded and confused. Time has muddied your memory of events. A circular pond reflects past events that have come to an end, the circle is complete. A dried up pond represents something that has been neglected and no longer serves you. A flooded pond represents an over abundance of events and emotions. Water represents emotionality and it may symbolise being too emotional perhaps hindering your own development.

Statues: Statues can represent false idols, especially statues of people. Statues are usually cold, made of metal or stone and they may represent people or things that look really but are not. The subject of the statue will give you an idea of the false ideal. Dreaming about perfect women, as a woman, that may make you feel inadequate but these are not real women - so should not be a threat.

Phone: Dreaming about phone has becoming increasingly common since the start of the cell phone era. Phones  represent our ability to communicate with others but now they are also a record of our whole lives, our memories in photographs, our source of information, our address book, connections with family and friends, our GPS system. Losing a phone in a dream can mean that the dreamer has lost the ability to communicate with others, has become lost or generally feels adrift.

Returning to something: Re tracing your steps in a dream, symbolises going back to a place you were before and the success or failure of your mission will give you an idea of whether it is worth attempting to re-visit something in your life.

Dream Interpretation

The dreamer is being driven by mother, so this means that they are not in total control of their lives. They are in good hands because mother is driving and that means that they are cared for.

A visit to the graveyard is uncomfortable for our dreamer. It is a visit to the past. In this past there are lots of false idols, in the form of statues. The dreamer is scared and intimidated by these strong women of different ethnicities, these could be ancestors. The dreamer is being asked to reflect on these perfect women, who surround the pond, they are circling the pond and there seems to be no end to them. The circle goes on for ever.

The dreamer feels intimidated and then realises that the phone is lost. In order to function in life, to communicate with others and maintain social relationships our dreamer has to go back and revisit the past. This is painful for our dreamer but necessary and the mother is there to help.

Our dreamer goes back to the past, probably going over old memories and finds that it is better to confront the past than to run away from it. The dreamer is then able to retrieve the phone and the ability to communicate more easily than expected and can resume normal life.

Tarot Card associated with this dream:

IMG_5414The Four of Swords

This card represents the need to take a time out of the business of everyday life. To withdraw and to deal with inner life and thoughts so that in the future you are ready to cope with the demands of life. Swords represent the intellect, in this card our person is lying in a church at rest. In today's dream, the dreamer was being encouraged to re-visit the past, to cut off from the phone and deal with things that had been frightening.

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