Dream about a car park, a road and driving
Dream about Statues and A Graveyard

Dream about retirement, drag queens and pink hair

This is my dream blog where I describe a dream, interpret the different elements of the dream and then write a dream interpretation. Writing about the dream helps to put the elements in context. I will then relate the dream to a tarot card.

Today's dream is about retirement, our dreamer has a partner who has retired and is encouraging the dreamer to retire too. The dreamer tries to write some invitations to a retirement party but has trouble fitting all of the words on the page.

At the retirement party, our dreamer is surrounded by co-workers who are dressed in amazing sparkly outfits, the co-workers are all drag queens. They show the dreamer photos of a  family member over the years, the pictures are organised by hair colour. The family member has had many different looks over the years and the favourite is the photo with the pink hair.

The dreamer enjoys the party so much and realises that it is not yet time to retire.

Dream meaning retirement: retirement shows a change of pace, a change of life style and a change of priorities. There is no longer the same routine of going to work, it implies that the person is stopping an activity.

Dream meaning writing: Writing is a method of expressing yourself, it usually happens when you want a record of what has been said or created so that there are no misunderstandings. It is a communication that is more formal and stands the test of time. You may be writing something in a dream because you are having trouble talking to people about a situation so you want to make sure that the message is understood. If you write a book or a poem in your dream, then you want to share your story or ideas with others.

In this dream the dreamer wrote invitations so they wanted to make sure that others joined them in celebration.

Dream meaning Drag Queen: A drag queen is an over the top portrayal of a sexy woman by a man. It is an expression of feminine beauty. To dream of being a drag queen is a sign that you are very creative and expressive and may not be able to find an outlet for your talent. To be surrounded by drag queens shows that you are in the company of talented creative people.

Dream meaning Pink Hair: Hair colour is an expression of individuality. Pink is the colour of sweetness and femininity. Dreaming about pink hair shows someone who is creative and not afraid to show their feminine side.

What does this dream mean?

Our dreamer is considering retirement because a partner has retired and it seems like the thing to do. The dreamer struggles to write the invitations to a retirement party, this means they are having trouble communicating with friends that they are going to retire.

At the party the dreamer has a lot of fun with friends, the friends are very extraverted and outgoing and the dreamer realises that they do not want to retire. The photos of the family member being creative with the pink hair make our dreamer realise that they would not only miss the co-workers but also feel more distant from this family member.

The dreamer is being warned not to give up on having fun, being feminine, original and creative just because everyone else is retiring. By retiring this dreamer would distance themselves from 'family" and things that make them happy.

Tarot Card Related to this Dream:

Fullsizeoutput_1023Rider Tarot Deck

I chose the seven of cups to go with this reading because it is a card about choice. The card implies a lot of creativity and we are being asked to choose between many enticing opportunities. The lower 4 cups have materialistic goals and the higher 3 cups have more spiritual goals. In the dream our dreamer had to choose to retire and be like everyone else or to choose to continue on a more creative and fun path.

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