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Dream about retirement, drag queens and pink hair

Dream about a car park, a road and driving

This is my dream interpretation blog where I describe a dream, analyse the elements of the dream and then do a dream interpretation. I like to show the dream elements in context so it is easier to understand the dream meaning or message.

In today's dream our dreamer finds themselves in a multi storey car park, they are looking for the way out of the car park. The dreamer joins a queue to leave, all of the other people who are leaving are from a foreign country, they are supported by many friends who clap and cheer as they leave the car park. Our dreamer does not have this but decides to follow the foreign people out of the car park. The dreamer is talking to someone in the back of the car.

The dreamer drives down the ramp to leave the car park and intends to follow everyone else. Talking to the person in the back seat, the dreamer realises that the road is bendy and narrow and it is important to concentrate on the road.  The road disappears and becomes rocky and full of large puddles and hills. The dreamer drives up a hill and realises that a 4 wheel drive would be needed to cover the terrain. 

The dreamer talks to the passenger and agrees to find the way back to the car park.

What does this dream mean?

Car park Dream: When you dream of a car park, you are stationary in life. Perhaps you are taking a break or waiting for something to happen. If you are in a flat car park it is fairly easy for you to start moving again and resume your life's journey. If there are obstacles in the way it will be more difficult to restart your progress towards your life goals. If you are in a multi-storey there are many things that need to change before you can pursue your goals.

Bumpy Road Dream: Here is a detailed interpretation of road dreams Road Dream Meaning If you dreamed about a bumpy road, then progress will not be easy for you, the puddles represent obstacles on the way and the hills represent learning experiences that must take place before you can progress. A narrow road means that once you have committed you must complete that part of the journey. A windy road means that your path is not straight forward and there will be many twists and turns.

Four wheel drive Dream: To dream that you need a four wheel drive to progress along the road shows that you have chosen a difficult path and may not succeed without extra help and possibly money for new equipment. You will not modifications that will be expensive if you are to succeed on the current path.

Foreigners/Other Nationalities in Dream: To be surrounded by people from another nation in a dream, shows that you are not feeling at home or comfortable in your present environment. To see one international person may mean that you are being asked to reach out the hand of friendship to help others who are not feeling at home.

Driving Dream: When we drive in a dream, we are in control of our lives and destiny and the quality of our driving demonstrates how well we are coping on our current path.

What does today's dream mean?

Our dreamer is stuck in a car park, it is multi storey so there our many things that are preventing our dreamer from moving forward in life. Despite this, the dreamer decides to leave the safety of the car park and follow some international people. The international people are well supported and are happy to leave the car park whereas the dreamer is just following everyone else, there is no goal in mind. The dreamer may well be going to a foreign country. The dreamer is taking a companion along who seems to be relying on our dreamer as they are in the back seat and not driving the car. the companion is a distraction so perhaps our dreamer was more interested in impressing the companion than pursuing their own goals. 

This is a mistake as our dreamer is then on a narrow windy road and is finding it difficult to control the car, there are puddles and hills os many obstacles and problems to overcome. the dreamer realises that a four wheel drive is needed and they are not prepared for the journey ahead. The dreamer decides to abandon the journey and find a path back to the car park, even though this looks difficult.

This is a warning dream about becoming impatient when progress is stalled. The dreamer is being asked to stay still and not just follow the crowd particularly when there is little support or planning. The dreamer should plan ahead and not follow a road to impress others. It is important to prepare to follow your goals having the right background and education first.

Tarot Card for this dream:

Fullsizeoutput_1020The Rider Tarot Deck

This weeks dream reminds me of the hanged man in tarot. The dreamer is in the car park which is a little like being suspended in life, waiting for the right time to resume. The hanged man represents life in suspension, taking time out of a situation, surrendering until something changes and you can move one. The hanged man looks comfortable in this position, sometimes it is best to wait for a change rather than to run into new situations impulsively and unprepared.

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