Dream about being lost in a hotel
Dream about a car park, a road and driving

Dream of a forest and a cradle

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and write a dream interpretation. It is very important when interpreting a dream to look at the small details of the dream to gain a full understanding of the message.

This weeks dream involves a forest, some salt, re-tracing steps and a wooden cradle. Our dreamer finds themselves in the middle of a forest, they look at the ground and find a salt trail. The dreamer remembers that this is the trail of their life, going through life the dreamer left a trail of salt. The dreamer follows the trail of salt all the way back until they see a wooden cradle.

What does this mean?

The elements of the dream:

Dream of Salt: Salt is a very useful mineral and essential for human health, in the right quantity. It is used in all types of production and for preserving things, cleansing and purifying and to add taste to food. How the salt is used in the dream will reflect it's meaning. A dreamer who uses the right amount of salt in food, will be healthy and happy but an abundance of salt will cause illness. Putting salt on fields so that nothing will grow, shows great fear and negativity about what may happen in the future. Water that is too salty, shows that the dreamer will need to work hard in order to survive in the current environment. Salt uses in the right place and in the right way to purify such as in a bath is a positive dream where the dreamer is ready to start a new venture and let go of the past. Using salt to preserve food in a dream, shows wise investments and preparation for the future. Making a salt trail, the dreamer is preserving their past and their memories and possibly purifying what has gone before.

Dream of Re-tracing steps: 

A dream of re-tracing your steps or going back to the past is a sign that you are feeling nostalgic for something that happened before. You have a desire to go over things and possibly to change them. You may be feeling lost and want to go back to the fork in the road where things changed. Re-tracing your steps may be a way of remembering good times or a wish to be in a familiar place where you were comfortable.

Dream of a forest:

Forest dreams are quite common, we often think of life as a journey through a forest or a wood where we select different paths to reach our destiny. If you are happily travelling through the forest and you know where you are going, you are going to reach your goals and succeed in your current situation. If you are lost in the forest, you are going to need to ask someone for help or rely on your intuition to get you out of a difficult situation. A dark forest means that you do not have enough knowledge or information to make a decision about a current situation. If you route through the forest is covered with fallen trees, there are going to be many obstacles for you to overcome to reach your goal. If you come to a clearing in the forest, it is time for you to take a break from your current situation and enjoy some relaxation, you can continue with your journey after you have had a rest. If you are surrounded by birds and animals in the forest and you are not feeling threatened, then you are enjoying life and the journey is more important to you than the destination, you have the ability to live for today. If you are surrounded by mean beasts and feel threatened, you need to take shelter or to choose another route through life because this path is dangerous to your health and well being.

Dream of a cradle:

If the cradle was empty, you will have the support of your family. A cradle with a baby shows an increase in your fortunes. A sturdy wooden cradle shows stability and strength. a rickety or damaged cradle shows that you will need to work hard and do more preparation, and training before you reach your goals. Rocking a cradle shows that you will reach your goals if you are patient.

Today's Dream Meaning:

Our dreamer has been cautious in life, they have laid a trail of salt so that if they ever get lost, they will be able to re-trace their steps to get back home. The dreamer is lost and feels the need to travel all the way back to their family. This is symbolised by the cradle. The path has been purified by the salt, I think this is because memories tend to be romanticised, we either remember the really good bits or the bad bits. The dreamer may be looking at old photographs or diaries and remembering happier times with a longing to go back and start the journey over. It may be a time when one cycle of life is over and a new one is about to start. The dreamer feels a need to reinvent themselves so that they can push further through the forest of life.

Tarot Card Related to this dream:

Fullsizeoutput_feaRider Tarot Deck

The six of cups, is the card of nostalgia, here the person is thinking about things that happened in the past, perhaps it was a happy childhood an early romance that has rekindled. In order to move forward it is important to resolve and come to terms with the past. It can also symbolise that past efforts are now showing rewards in the present.

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