Dream about job interview and clothes
Dream of a forest and a cradle

Dream about being lost in a hotel

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and write a dream interpretation. It is very important when interpreting a dream to look at the small details of the dream to gain a full understanding of the message.

In today's dream our dreamer is lost in a hotel. The dreamer is in a foreign country with a friend, they are looking for room 400. The dreamer and friend walk around several floors of the hotel, their is no pattern to the floors. The hotel has lots of shops selling expensive goods and sweets and drinks. The signs are written in a different language and the dreamer cannot communicate with the people in the hotel. the dreamer and friend visit every floor but cannot find the room. They return to the reception an start out again, the dreamer then loses sight of the friend and continues to look for the room. The dreamer learns that the hotel changes it's appearance every night but they do not find the room.

This dream has several elements, a hotel, a foreign country, a friend, the number 400, a foreign language and shops.

Dream meaning hotel: A hotel is a place where we stay temporarily, it may be a refuge from stresses of everyday life but the meaning is that we are in a temporary living situation whether pleasant or not may be dependent on the condition of the hotel.

Dream meaning foreign country: This is a sign that the dreamer is unsettled, a foreign country dream if positive could mean that there are exciting changes ahead but in a negative sense it shows that the dreamer is feeling unsettled.

Dream meaning friend: to have a friend in the dream shows that you have support and someone to travel on the journey of life with. To fight with a friend would mean that you feel the need to break free from a situation and to take your own path. To lose a friend would mean that you are no longer able to rely on the support of others. 

Dream meaning numbers:

One: This is usually about opportunities and new beginnings

Two: Dream meaning is usually about partnerships, marriage, balance

Three: Dreams of three may relate to the birth of a child, or growth and expansion.

Four: Dreaming of four, is related to stability, of being square, or sound, having the foundations of a situation.

Five: In a dream can mean restlessness and travel, moving on to something new

Six: Dreaming of six is the number of harmony and contentment

Seven: Dreams of seven,  it can be a magic number, and symbolise the need to grow and learn new things.

Eight: The number eight in a dream, shows that everything is going well and you may be ready to consider a new challenge.

Nine: Nine in a dream is the number of completion, all of your goals have been achieved.

Zero: To dream of zero is to dream of infinity, there is no beginning and no end

The number 400- in a dream it is a 4 plus two zeroes. It would show stability with the 4 plus 2 elements of infinity.

Dream meaning foreign language: If someone speaks to you in a foreign language in a dream and you do not understand, then you are feeling alienated and are not comfortable with your current situation. If you understand the language then you have taken the necessary steps to fit in with those around you and your hard work will pay off.

Dream meaning shops: If you dream about shops or stores you have the opportunity to satisfy your needs and desires. If you cannot afford the items in the shops, then you do not have enough resources to satisfy your needs. If you do not want the items in the shops then you need to move to an environment that is closer to your needs and desires.

What does this dream mean?

The dreamer finds themselves in a temporary living situation. The dreamer has a friend with them so they feel supported but have lost direction. The hotel has a strange layout and the dreamer cannot find where they need to be, this is a symbol of being lost in life, unable to find the right path. The room number is significant because the dreamer is looking for a room that symbolises stability and infinity twice, in other words the dreamer would like to settle down and stay in the same place. 

The dreamer does not speak the language and is feeling out of place, this is made worse by the friend disappearing. The dreamer is going through life alone in a place where they are not comfortable or settled. The shops symbolise that the dreamer cannot afford to take care of their higher needs in this environment as the goods are too expensive.

Tarot Card Symbol: The Knight of Swords

I picked this card because the dream reminds me of what happens when we just rush into things and do not plan ahead. This dream seems to be the consequence of rushing into things without really planning a situation so that the dreamer can end up alone in a foreign place where nothing goes to plan. 

The Knight of Swords has tremendous positive energy and truly gets things done, whatever the consequences.


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