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Dream about job interview and clothes

This is my blog where I describe a dream, interpret the elements of the dream and write a dream interpretation. It is very important when interpreting a dream to look at the small details of the dream to gain a full understanding of the message.

Today's dream is about a job interview and clothes. Our dreamer finds themselves going to interview for a job, the dreamer is confidant about being offered the job because they have friends who already work for the business. The dreamer does not remember exactly what the job was for but felt it was appropriate to wear a silver shiny dress, it looks like a disco dress. 

The interview is not successful and the dreamer is upset as they were well qualified for the job. The dreamer thinks that the job was not offered because of her outfit. She puts on another dress which is long and flowery she alters it with safety pins to make it look different and returns to beg for a job. She is then offered the job.

Meanwhile she is hanging out with a lot of people who are unemployed and she does not feel confident about starting the job. She realises that she needs to get ready and puts on her dress. She needs to alter it, the light is good and she can see that the dress is old and torn and impossible to repair. Her friends come and help her to fix the dress so that she can start work. She does not feel confident about work as her dress is worn out.

Dream Interpretation - Clothes

Clothes portray an outward image of what we want others to know or think about us. They are a way for us to dress up and portray an image. Clothes may be your true self or a deception for the world.

Dream Dresses  - We usually wear dresses to look smart and create a good impression. The colour and condition of the dress will give you an idea of the meaning. You also need to consider how appropriate was the dress for the occasion? 

Dream Trousers - Depends on the occasion, were they appropriate, what colour were they? Were they clean? Did they fit? Were they comfortable? A pair of comfortable jeans worn on a walk may just mean that you have the tools that you need, you fit in with your environment and everything looks good. Whereas swimming in a pair of woollen trousers means that you are out of your depth, you do not fit in with the local environment and are not prepared for what life has given you.

Dream shirt/top -  the meaning depends on how the top fitted, was it warm enough, was it too revealing? A dream of wearing a shirt that shows too much of your body  - means that even with your clothes on you are revealing too much information about yourself. 

Dream Skirt - If the skirt was too short - you are revealing too much information about yourself. A long flowing skirt shows that you are being reserved and not allowing others into your inner world.

Dream underwear  - If you dream of underwear, the meaning will again depend on how fit it was for the purpose. If the underwear was comfortable and fitted well then you are comfortable with yourself and happy for others to get to know you. If the underwear did not fit then you are still trying to find out where you fit in the world and will need to do some work on your inner life before you are comfortable with others knowing who you truly are.

Dream Interview - At an interview, we have a limited time to speak to someone, to create a good impression and often to convince them that we are the right person for a task or a viewpoint. If you dreamed about a job interview you feel the need to justify who you are so that you can progress in life. To be successful shows that you have the skills and personality to progress towards your goals. To fail at an interview shows that you are either aspiring to do something that you are not skilled at or that you did not fit in with the people who were considering hiring you. It may be a sign that you need to do some more training or change your direction. The meaning will depend on the other elements of the dream.

What does today's dream mean?

In the dream, our dreamer prepared for an interview that she expected to get by putting on a sparkly silver short dress. She wanted to appear young and fun and successful. The interviewer was not convinced by her disguise and did not offer her the job even though she was well known to the company.

The dreamer did not give up, so this shows that she should be persistent in her goals if she wishes to succeed. She fixes up another dress which is a sign that she is prepared to disguise herself in order to reach her goal. She realises that she does not really fit in with the company as she has to dress for work and does not have an appropriate outfit. Her clothes are old and torn, this implies that she is feeling old and although her friends help her to prepare for this job she does not feel comfortable.

This dream seems to be a warning about trying to fool people. The dreamer realises that she fooled the interviewer but underneath her clothes are torn and she is not feeling good about the disguise that enabled her to succeed. Her friends are nice and supportive and perhaps she has to undergo some discomfort because so many are out of work and she should be grateful. It is up to the dreamer to decide if the means are worth the ends...

This reminds me of the seven of swords, where someone is trying to sneak away with the swords. This card is about being deceptive to achieve your goals just like out dreamer!

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