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Today's dream is about a mirror. the dreamer sees a round mirror on the wall. The dreamer goes over to the mirror and removes it from the wall, behind the mirror are 5 electrical type wires and a sheet of cotton wool. What does this mean?

Dream meaning Mirror: We use mirrors to look at ourselves to see how the world sees us. It is our perspective of how the world sees us it may not be accurate because everything is backwards in a mirror. Think about the action that occurs in the dream with the mirror to understand the meaning.

Broken Mirror Dream: showing a damaged image to the world. If you break the mirror yourself then you are the one that changes the image.

Dirty Mirror Dream: the image of the dreamer is unclear and should be cleaned up.

Round Mirror Dream: this dreamer is living in harmony, the self image of the dreamer is positive and well adjusted to their environment.

Square Mirror Dream: A dream where the mirror has sharp angles that jut into the surrounding environment shows that the person in the mirror has some conflicts with the current situation.

Hanging a new mirror: Creating a new image for yourself and the world.

Taking down a mirror: This can be withdrawing from the world, not caring about self-image.

Dream about Electrical Wires: Electrical wires bring power, they are a source of power to make things around us work. If the wires are broken or damaged there will be setbacks when things will not go to plan. 

Installing electric cables: You have new sources of power and can expect things to improve in the future

Dream meanings numbers: Each number has multiple meanings and it is important to see if the number has a particular association for the dreamer.

Dream meaning number 1: the start, single, individual

Dream meaning number 2: partnerships, marriage,

Dream meaning number 3: creation, production, birth of a child

Dream meaning number 4: stability after a period of growth, fairness, equality, square

Dream meaning number 5: change, the 5 senses, travel

Dream meaning number 6: harmony, marriage, love and partnerships

Dream meaning number 7: perfection, magic, success

Dream meaning number 8: finances, money and business concerns

Dream meaning number 9: reaching the end of a cycle and preparing for the next challenge, possibly helping others to climb the ladder of success.

Dream meaning Cotton Wool: Cotton wool is soft and used for cleaning up wounds, cleaning off make up. If the cotton wool is clean then you are ready to take steps to make things better. If the cotton wool is dirty efforts have already been made to use it to clean up a situation. If the cotton wool is unusable if may be too late to make the changes that are required.

Dream interpretation: In this dream the dreamer approaches a mirror but does not gaze at their image, instead they take the mirror off the wall and are surprised by what is behind it. The dreamer no longer cares what others think about how they look. The five electrical wires represent the power of the dreamer. Number five shows that there is change in the air and it is associated with the way that the dreamer sees themselves. Perhaps the dreamer is asking themselves how to maintain their power without depending on their looks, they realise that there are more things going on inside than their physical appearance in a mirror. There are five sources of power through the senses. It would be fair to say that there is more to this dreamer than meets the eye! The cotton wool sheet shows that there is a lot of cotton wool to clean up the image of the dreamer, perhaps a lot of cleaning up is needed, the tools are there. It is a dream of change, a change in the priorities of the dreamer a realisation that there is more to life than looks and that the dreamer has the necessary tools to make the changes that are needed.

Tarot Card Associated with this Dream>

IMG_6055Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Five of Pentacles

I chose this card because it is a number five, all fives are related to change and conflict. This card does not strictly reflect the dream. The dream is about a loss of vanity and cleaning up ones act, whereas this card is about the loss of security. Two people are outside of the church and they are impoverished in some way, it could be spiritual but this is the suit of pentacles that is associated with riches and finances. We can see that the two people are wearing ragged clothes and one of them is injured. This card is about the loss of a job or a way of life. It may also describe taking on a lover or partner outside of marriage.

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