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Dream Meaning - Out of Breath, Missing the luggage bus and Lost Items

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In this dream the dreamer climbs on an airport tug with the luggage, notices that her daughter was running but missed the "bus", she tries not to worry. She dismounts from the luggage carrier and notices lots of valuables in amongst the stones on the ground. She thinks that she sees something belonging to her daughter but then it is gone. She starts to feel really out of breath.

Luggage represents the things that we carry around with us in life, it can be physical goods, it can be knowledge, memories or it can be emotional baggage. Losing luggage can be a positive thing if you were excited about losing it in the dream. Luggage can also represent security, the basic things that you need to be yourself. Finding your luggage is usually a good omen unless the luggage is ugly and then it is a reminder that not everything that we have experienced is positive.

Missing a bus or transportation can mean that we missed an opportunity to move on in life. Buses take us to new places but they are not usually very luxurious, they are often basic, so the conditions of the transportation will tell you how well you will be living. The good thing about buses are that they come around regularly so if we miss one and we wait long enough another one will turn up. This is the same with opportunities missing one opportunity does not mean that there will not be others.

Feeling out of breath can be a warning that you are taking on too much and your body is in need of oxygen or even a change to make you feel better. 

Lost items in a dream, seeing many lost items scattered around is a sign that people have been careless with their valuables. The meaning will depend on the situation or the cause of the items being lost. At an airport it may mean that the carrier did not take care of the passengers. Losing an item of value in a dream, the meaning will depend on how the dreamer reacted to the loss and the item itself. 

This is an anxiety dream, the dreamer is worried about her daughter going to the airport. She is worried that her daughter will not travel with the luggage. Most people don't want to travel on the luggage cart but they do want to arrive with their luggage so this is a fear of losing luggage. The dreamer also sees valuables scattered around and she is looking for her daughters things. She is worried that the luggage will not get safely to the destination. She does not find the valuables. In a less literal way, missing the bus means that she sees her daughter missing opportunities in life, although another bus usually comes along, but she and her daughter are not on the same bus which is upsetting. She sees her daughter's valuables, which could be money or skills and talents scattered around in a way that they cannot be found again, she may feel that her daughters talents are being wasted. However it is possible that her daughter will arrive later and find her valuables and perhaps it was not the job of the mother to find them. Being out of breath in the dream is a sign of stress, the mother cannot deal with the amount of pressure that she is placing on herself. She needs to step back and stop worrying.



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