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Dream Meaning - Dreaming about a House

What does my dream mean?

This is my dream interpretation blog where I write about dream meanings often based on the requests of those around me.  Here is my dream interpretation blog, where I explore dream meanings.

Dreaming about houses is very common, we often dream about homes that we used to live in, homes that we would like to live in and homes that just appear randomly in our dreams.

A house in a dream is a foundation, a residence it is our vision of who we are. It is the bricks and mortar of our perception of ourselves.

Old Home Dream-dreaming of a home that you once lived in, if it was a positive dream is a sign that you want to go back to being the person you were at that time in your life, perhaps you wish to recreate the happiness and self worth you had at that time. If your dreams of a former home are negative and you are unhappy to be there, it is a warning that you need to change your behaviour so that you do not recreate old negative patterns.

Present Home Dream -If you dream about your present house and it is a positive dream, you are happy with yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. If you dream about your current home and it is negative then you need to change certain things about your behaviour to make yourself a better person.

Old House Dream -To dream of an old house may mean that you are feeling very traditional in your responses to life's challenges or that you are letting your older relatives and friends influence the way that you look at yourself. 

New House Dream -To dream of a new house would mean that you are reinventing yourself perhaps through education, being in a new environment or in a new relationship. 

Dirty House Dream - To dream that you live in a dirty house is a sign that you are doing something in your life that is making you feel bad. You need to change your behaviour and present a cleaner image to yourself and the world.

Clean House Dream - If the house is excessively clean it may be a sign that you are so worried about how you look to others that you are no longer able to relax and enjoy life.

A derelict house dream - this is a sign that you need to get some help, possibly professional help to deal with your problems. You definitely have to do some work and make many changes in your life so that you will feel happier and more satisfied with yourself and feel that you are a useful member of society. You may be lacking in confidence and need to make changes in order to feel better. You may have health issues that are interfering with your sense of worth.

Haunted House Dream - To dream of a haunted house may mean that you are letting the ghosts of your past interfere with your present happiness. Some experiences need to be left in the past so that you can build a brighter future for yourself.

House full of strangers dream - This is a sign that you are making changes to your personality and you may not even recognize aspects of yourself. It may show that you are developing new talents and skills that you were previously unaware of.

House on Fire Dream - To dream of a house fire may mean that you are tearing down everything that you previously were, it could be in a constructive way making a fresh start or it could mean that you are throwing away all of your dreams aspirations and education and you need to stop your current behaviour and repair the damage. If the home was not yours, then you are witnesses the meltdown of someone close to you and you should intervene to prevent them from destroying themselves.

Flooded House Dream - This dream shows that you are under pressure, you have too much debt -the feeling of being under water, or too many responsibilities. This dream is a warning that you must take immediate action to prevent further damage, you may need to ask someone for help depending on the severity of the flood. You may need to quit your job, quit gambling, quit the behavior that is creating the problem in your life. If there is a current running through the home, you need to resist the temptation to go with the flow and hold on to what you already have.

House in a Tornado Dream - Dreaming of a house being destroyed by a tornado or excessive winds is a sign that you are being negatively effected by external forces beyond your control. A tornado is often described as the finger of God, there is no escape from what will happen. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is to hold on to who you are despite what is happening in your environment, usually wind events are short lived and if you take shelter you can survive. Do not get swept up in the excitement of the hour hold tight and be true to yourself. This dream can also refer to whirlwind romances -the same is true be yourself and do not get swept away.

To Dream of an apartment or flat - If you do not live in an apartment or flat, this dream will show that you are conforming to the norms of a group. You are one in a pile of many, you are not feeling that special or different. If the flat was vibrant then you are able to stand out from the crowd. If yours was the worst flat then you need to do better and work on some aspects of yourself to make yourself more attractive and accomplished.

To dream of a semi detached house - This is a sing that you are in a long term stable relationship with someone else who you rely upon. If they were not around would you fall down? You need to be committed to the relationship but do not sacrifice your own needs for someone else.

To dream of a terraced(row) house - You are feeling part of the group but you may not be allowing yourself to be an individual and making the most of your unique talents. Sometimes we want to fit in with others and to be a part of something that is bigger than we are but we must still retain the ability to be different and unique. 


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