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A Year of Living Kindly - The Kind Woman Blog - Introduction

I haven't always been kind, I have been selfish, self centred and ignored facts that were uncomfortable or inconvenient, this year I want to change all of that. I describe myself as a work in progress, I know that I will not always do the right thing but this year will be an adventure to see which things I can get right. When I talk about being kind, it means a multitude of things, being kind to the planet, taking care of the environment, being kind to animals, being kind and understanding of others, being kind to myself, taking care of my mind and body so that I can be a better happier person.

I made a list of things that I should do to be healthier, happier, more creative and more responsible to future generations who will inherit this planet. Today was a tidy up, preparation day, where I cleaned the house, decluttered some rooms, made a pile of things to give to charity and tidied up the garage.

I decided to make a craft room in the garage, I like painting and dyeing clothes and I keep all of my materials out in the garage. The problem with this is that I rarely venture into the garage because it is cold in winter and too hot in summer, there are also cobwebs and dust. So what does cleaning the garage have to do with being kind? If I can access all of my forgotten art materials perhaps I will be moved to be more creative and dye some old clothes, make some cushion covers or up-cycle some household knick-knacks. This I would classify as being kind to my creative soul.

Step one was to make a pile of stuff for goodwill, a pile of trash and a pile of stuff to keep and organise. I unrolled an old rug, organised some shelves, cleaned off an old desk and made some make shift curtains for one of the windows. To make cheap curtains, I used some old fabric and purchased some shower hooks with clips to attach to the fabric. I then went into the garden and cut a piece of bamboo to use as a curtain rod. There were several nails above the windows so I placed the pole above this and now I have curtains in my garage and it is a lot more cosy and user friendly.

The next step is to actually go into the garage and do some crafting - I might also paint the walls as that is not my favourite shade of green!

I started writing this blog in 2018 since that time, I have moved to England where I continue to seek out ways of protecting the planet. It is now 2020 and we are in lockdown for COVID 19. I am starting to feel a shift in people and more interest in kindness and helping others. I hope to add some new products and ideas to this blog in the future.

Thanks for reading -be kind!

Life Coach, Pauline Courchene, [email protected] 

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