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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Natural Coir Doormat

This is my blog about living kindly, being kinder to the environment, to myself and to others. A couple of years ago I bought a doormat, it was a pretty design when it was new and I was pleased with it. One day I picked it up to beat it and it split in half, right down the middle, it has a plastic or rubber backing. I have been determined to buy a new doormat but this time I want one that will last. The stores are full of nice designs but they all have the same type of backing that will break. I love to support my local stores but again had to resort to an online search.

I found a natural coir woven doormat with no offensive backing and ordered it today.  I hope this solves the problem, wipes shoes, looks good and lasts a long time. I will have to wait and see...

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