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I am still new at being "kind", this sounds like an excuse and my second act was to stop watching TV in the bedroom. This is another kind act that should benefit my health - I read about how damaging blue light is to health and TV's emit a lot of blue light.

I have had the TV on all night for months now because if the house is silent in the night, I start hearing noises and get up regularly to investigate, this is not good for my nerves or my sleep. When I have the TV on at night I am distracted but the end result is that I have Netflix running and the ability to rewind shows. Some nights I will replay shows up to seven times to catch the parts that I missed when I finally fell asleep so with or without blue lights this is not giving me a good rest.

I decided to replace the TV with radio because that does not give off a light, I found NPR on my daughters old boombox because it is not full of annoying adverts and I do not want to be subliminally programmed to purchase things that I do not need. NPR at night sounded so boring that I just could not leave it on. I then switched to my cell phone UK radio and listened to LBC which is much more up my street.  The problem is that the cell phone is using WiFi which I intend to switch off at night as I have heard it is bad.

Last night was then a partial success, no TV but still WiFi in the bedroom. I slept pretty well until 4 am, I still have jet lag from my recent trip to England. I will try again tonight, in reality I should listen to Spanish radio in the night because I might at least subliminally learn a language!

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