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The Year of Living Kindly - Kind Woman Blog - Kind Hair Conditioner

This is my blog about living kindly being kind to others, being kind to myself and kind to the environment. I do not always get things right, I am a work in progress but writing this blog helps and reminds me to continue my quest for kindness. Being kind makes me happy!

This week I went shopping at Lush, a new store opened in Mall at Millenia in Orlando so I went to check it out. I have been using Lush products for about the last 5 years. Since the beginning of this year my aim has been to drastically cut down on the number of products that I purchase in plastic containers. Lush has a range of products that are more or less packaging free.

I usually just rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar but I needed some hair conditioner to use after I henna my hair. I was delighted to find that lush has produced some solid hair conditioners that look like bars of soap -I purchased the coconut oil and sea salt bar. I hope that it will work for me. The reviews are mixed :)

Big Conditioner by Lush

Products without plastic!!  There are also solid deodorants, shower gel and shampoo with no plastic containers from Lush.

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