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Fun Art Projects - Abstract Painting

This is my blog about my fun art projects, the focus is on fun not art! It would be nice if some art happened.

Like many people, I gaze at abstract art and think, I could do that! It looks so simple, colours on a page, no-one can say if it's right or wrong because no-one knows what was intended, except the artist. After my recent foray into the local art shops I was inspired to take out my acrylic paints and have a go.

The first thing I realised was that you have to have some idea in your head, I think, I did not seem to be able to randomly start painting. I picked some colours that I like, mixing purple and turquoise, I wanted peacock but ended up with baby peacock as I had run out of black paint.

Subject, I love trees and nature and I felt that abstract art is better when it looks a little bit like something so I founds some twigs and decided to use those in my art. I painted the background and smeared the edges with a sponge. I was just going to  paint the twig and print it onto the canvas but that didn't work out, it was really scratchy so I painted the twig and this kind of spoiled the whole abstract thing, I then used some leaf prints to give the whole thing a measles effect. I think I need to go back to the drawing board, literally. I like my baby peacock colours though.

The sun shone brightly in a purple sky, while the leaves from the oak spilled softly like measles on the turquoise grass...


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