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Life's Journeys - Becoming Vegan

I think if I had been given the choice as a small child, I would always have been vegan. I could never square away the idea in my mind that the yummy meat I was eating came from the killing of a poor defenceless animal. I remember saying to my father how much I liked eating lamb. I watched the pretty little lambs frolicking around in the meadow and somehow, it never tasted the same. I really liked the mint sauce, mint and vinegar that was on the meat, not the meat at all.

Years later I was living in Tunisia and I remember being upset when I saw animals being slaughtered on the edge of the road. My friend pointed out that what we do is much worse, driving terrified animals for miles with no food or drink and then letting them watch while their companions are killed. How is that better?

Firstly I became vegetarian, I could still enjoy eggs and cheese.  I discovered that I was intolerant to milk, it always made my nose run so quitting was a good idea.  I then discovered that even free range chickens have their beaks broken and are exhausted from producing eggs that they are not allowed to hatch.  Dairy cows have young that are not allowed to drink their mothers milk because apparently we need it more. Young males are slaughtered young and females die young exhausted by milk production. I learned this from visiting a rescue farm where animals are saved from slaughter.

Vegan became the only option and whenever I think that I want meat, I just think of the suffering animals and the dead flesh that I would be consuming and allowing to fester in my gut.

Let's face it, most of us don't even like to eat dead flesh we disguise it with smoke flavour, hot sauce, ketchup, salsa, mustard, relish, anything to make it taste good.  Big animals like cows survive on a vegan diet, I think that I can too!

Remember life is a journey and it takes a series of small steps to reach your destination, who knows what is next? Could vegan be for you?

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