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The first time I experienced meditation was through a yoga class more than 30 years ago. I enjoyed practicing yoga, but the best part was always the calm and relaxing meditation time at the end of class. I would practice a little at home but it was never a habit and I didn't think that meditating was going to be important to me later on.

Over the years, I took classes in psychic development and self hypnosis and was able to refine my practice through guided meditation and classes. I also purchased several CD's to learn more about meditation. I used to get upset with myself for not being able to focus and for thinking about mundane things during practice such as shopping lists but now I am able to control these things with ease. I recognise my thoughts and let them drift away like clouds in the air.

My latest experience of meditation is daily practice, I spend some time sitting cross legged under a pyramid of bamboo sticks. I find that the pyramid gives me energy and adds extra power to my thoughts, it helps me to be more effective. I never thought that meditation would be an important part of my life but it gives me a refined focus and allows me to maintain direction and plan ahead.

When life is not going to plan and you are looking for a way to relax, meditation can be a cure without the side effects of drugs and alcohol. You learn to take control of your life and your thought patterns and find solutions through mindfulness.

You don't always have to have a set direction in life, sometimes life provides you with nice surprises like meditation. You have an amazing mind and infinite power to create your world, experience meditation to enrich your experiences.

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