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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Gardening for birds and squirrels

We are almost half was through January and I have not seriously attempted to garden yet. If the temperature is below 60 degrees F I am unlikely to do so. Despite this, I like to feed the birds especially when the weather is cool. I have feeders in the front and back gardens with wild bird seed and black sunflower seed. I have been doing battle with the squirrels who even with a squirrel baffle have gymnastically managed to vault over the baffle to get to the sunflower seed.

There is a squirrels' dray in the tree in the back garden so I am inundated with small squirrels chasing each other from branch to branch. I allow them access to the wild bird seed feeder. Last weekend I decided to be kind and buy a squirrel cake, it cost me about $6 but I thought it would last for about 2 weeks. After only 4 days, I came home to find that the cake holder was on the ground and the cake had been pulled apart, the squirrels had finished everything in less than a week. My kind squirrel budget will not be replenished for weeks!

The art of kind gardening is an evolving process around my home. I want to encourage birds, butterflies and bees and not harm the ground water by using any chemicals. I am happy with my front garden that has a mixture of bamboo clumps surrounded by mulch. This is a low maintenance garden, no mowing, no nasty chemicals and no wasted water. The back garden still has a green area, I am not going to call it a lawn as it is an area of weeds or wild plants that is occasionally mown. I am not happy with this a mowing is not a natural activity and who wants to waste time with that!

I do no want to mulch the back garden because it prevents the wildflowers from growing and these are needed by our pollinators the butterflies and bees. I have tired growing vegetables but so far have managed to harvest one red pepper! I am thinking of letting the green area grow and perhaps adding a mulch pathway or stepping stones so that I can still access all areas of the garden if it gets too wild.

My current plan for kind gardening is to feed the birds, placate the squirrels, let the wildflowers grow and keep the garden natural but accessible.

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