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The Year of Living Kindly -Kind Woman Blog - Being Kind When Challenged

My new year resolution was to be kind this year, kind to myself, kind to the planet and kind to others, this is my blog about my journey to become a kind woman.

However kind we think we are, sometimes we will be challenged by the perceptions of others. This happened to me yesterday at work, I cannot go into exact details, but I had been working with a client and I thought that I was giving them excellent service, I was in fact going a few extra yards to help them. Unfortunately some people who were not in possession of the full facts about a situation jumped to a conclusion and dropped my name in the dirt and trampled on me.

At this point I had a choice, I could go into that persons office and explain myself, send off an indignant email or do nothing. What should a kind woman do? Kind does not mean being defenceless but it does mean being smart and thinking of what you will achieve by your actions and how those actions will make you and others feel. This blog is about being kind to yourself and others and the answer to this question no doubt will vary by personality.

I gave this some thought yesterday, if I ran into the office to defend myself, I could look aggressive and threatening and then perhaps a situation would be escalated. I could send out the angry, indignant email that would initially make me feel good, "take that...." but it would make the other person feel bad and would enable me to score points. Why do I want to score points and show the other person up as being ill informed? I realised that I don't need to score points, I know the truth and I did the right thing, I stand by my actions and I feel good!

This is another win for the kind woman but it was a challenge! My advice is to follow your gut feelings, do not go for the immediate rush of winning a battle, in the end kindness and truth will prevail.

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