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Dream Interpretation of the Week - Driving a Car

What does my dream mean?

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Driving dreams are fairly common if you spend time in a vehicle every day.  There are several types of driving dreams, so I am going to list them in three categories, type of driving, location and incidents.  Here are my dream interpretations:

Types of Driving Interpretation

Driving usually represents the way we are traveling through life, it is the way we conduct ourselves on the path of our existence.  If you are professional driver it may be more specifically related to your career path.

Dream Driving Speed: Slow: taking it easy in life, not making much progress, enjoying each moment or being frustrated that things are not moving quickly enough for you.  With all dreams if you can remember your emotions or attitudes to an event then that will help you to discover the meaning.

Dream Driving Speed Fast: Life is evolving quickly, lots of different things are happening, you are making good progress or things may be moving too fast for you and you need to slow down. Are you enjoying the ride or are you freaking out?

Dream Driving Medium Speed: things are moving at a comfortable pace, not too fast or too slow, you are content with the way that things are happening.  

Dream Driving in Reverse: the interpretation of this dream is that things are going backwards for you, it is not normally a good experience.  If the car is stuck in reverse, you are going backwards and you are not in control of your life.  Is another person in control of the car? Are you trying to control the car and failing?  These are all warnings that you need to take action to turn around from the direction that you are heading in. If you are enjoying going backwards then you have made a deliberate decision to cut back on where your life had progressed, you are nostalgic for something in the past.

Dream Reckless Driving: this dream means that you are not in control of your life.

Dream Stuck in Gear: this dream means that you want to make changes in your life but for the time being the machinery that is in place will not allow you to do so.  You may need someone to help you or you may in time work out how to change gears yourself.

Dream Car Broken down: as this suggests, the interpretation is that you are going nowhere, you are stuck in a situation.  Your reaction to being stuck shows how you cope with this, do you sit around and cry or do you have a picnic?


Is there anything unusual about where you are driving? The dream interpretation may be related to your location.

Dream Driving in a strange neighbourhood: this could mean that you are moving or that you are not in your comfort zone in life. This can be positive or negative, it can mean a new adventure or be a scary ride. The interpretation depends on your emotions on this journey.

Dream Being Lost: this happens when your life has become confused, you do not know which way to turn so you either stop or keep taking wrong turns.  This dream is telling you to stop and take stock of where you are in life and possibly ask for help.  It is possible that if you keep going you may eventually find the way, it is a warning that what you are doing is not working.

Dream Driving in the Desert: If you do not live in the desert, it is showing you that you need to make some changes in your life to bring your projects to fruition.  A desert lacks water, your life lacks an ingredient that will make your dreams successful.

Dream Driving in the water: this is not usually a good idea, unless for you it was a great experience. If you are driving in a flood it usually means that you are surrounded by waves of emotion that are preventing you from progressing in your life.

Dream Driving in the city: cities can be positive or negative, in cities there are lots of people, lots of money and lots of buildings and business.  It may mean that you have many opportunities to meet people, to build stability, to be successful. It could also mean that you have a great deal of competition.  If you are sitting in traffic your progress will be slow and hampered by others who are doing the same thing that you are doing. A building in your way is a block by the establishment to your progress. If the city is polluted it is a warning to leave a situation that is bad for your health.

Driving Incidents Dream Interpretation

Dream Car Accidents: Dreaming of being in a car accident, is a sign of not being in control of your life. If you did not cause the accident then it is the people in your environment that are going to cause you harm, you need to move away from these people or this place. How you coped with the accident is a sign of your ability to deal with sudden unexpected changes.

Dream Police: As in real life police in dreams represent the law.  If you dream about having a clash with the police or being stopped by the police, you need to consider if the things that you are doing in your life are right. Taking actions that are legal does not necessarily mean that they are the right actions for you.  Perhaps you are feeling guilty about something that you have done. If the police do not stop you but stop another car, there are other people out there who are less fortunate than you are, perhaps you got away with something that others were punished for or you are more law abiding than those around you.

Dream Car on Fire: An interpretation of this dream is that your way of getting around in life has just gone up in smoke!  How do you feel about this?  Do you have another car?  This could mean that you suddenly lost everything, perhaps you were fired from a job or perhaps you quit unexpectedly.  The event is sudden and intense with major consequences for the way that you conduct yourself.

Dream Driving off a cliff: this dream is about making changes in life, your road suddenly comes to an end and there is nowhere to go but down! How you interpret this dream depends on how the event took place and what happened after that. Obviously to drive off a cliff screaming would mean that you are scared that there is nothing ahead and that you will die. To willing drive off a cliff shows that you are ready to take a big risk and make major changes to your life - you are in the driving seat. To have everything fall apart in the air or on landing shows that you will take a while to recover from this sudden shocking event.  To land your car gracefully on a beach or road below shows that whatever happens you are in control and the major changes that happen are taken in your stride, you are able to cope with whatever life throws at you.

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