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Dream Meanings - Dreaming of a Road

Road lax

What does my dream mean?

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Roads are a common symbol in dreams and the meaning depends on features of the dream and also the dreamers personal relationship with roads. For instance a taxi driver will have a different relationship with a road than a person who repairs roads for a living. Here are some examples of what a dream road may mean.

Roads are our way of getting from one place to another so a road is often a symbol of our journey through life. We may be moving fast or slow, we may move uphill or downhill, the road may be steep or at an easy incline, the road surface may be rocky or smooth.  We also have to consider if there are crossroads, if the road winds or if the road suddenly stops at a cliff.  Another thing to consider is your reaction to the state of the road, are you happy, sad or perhaps you are scared. Our method of traveling down the road is also a consideration, are we walking, running, driving, riding a bicycle?  Are we traveling alone or with friends or enemies?  Is anyone following the dreamer?

Road - Journey through life

Speed - Fast could mean that you are getting to where you need to go fast or it could mean that you are rushing through life. It depends on your emotions in the dream.

Slow - Are you moving at a happy slow pace -just enjoying life and in no hurry or are you moving too slowly meaning that you are frustrated that everything you want is taking too long to achieve?

Comfortable speed - you are content with the way your life is going so far.

Uphill - Your life is going uphill - this can mean that you are going up in the world and are achieving success.  If it is an uphill struggle but you are making progress then you will overcome the problems that life has given you. If you are going uphill and slipping backwards then you need to reconsider the direction of your life.

Downhill - Your life is going downhill, perhaps you have had a setback or perhaps you have deliberately taken a step down in order to go in another direction. If you are going downhill too fast it is a warning that you need to slow down and reconsider the path you are taking.

Flat road - you may have a long journey ahead and things are not too exciting at the moment but if things are moving at a steady pace you are content with the way your life is proceeding.


Road Surface

Sandy Road - It depends on the condition and the location of the sand. Soft sand that is difficult to walk in means that you are fighting problems in your life that are out of your control. Dirty sand - means that your life has been polluted by others and you need to find a cleaner environment.  Wet sand - you may be by the ocean and taking a break from your regular life.

Rocky Road - If the road is rocky then you are encountering problems in your life, the size of the rocks corresponds to the size of the problems.  If you move easily over the rocks you will overcome your problems easily.  If the rocks hurt your feet you are being warned to move carefully around your problems be prepared to slow down or go in a different direction.

Holes in the road - these are the pitfalls of you way of life, the more holes the more problems. Larger holes mean larger problems. You need to negotiate your way around the pitfalls.  If you fall down a hole in the road, how easily you get out of the whole will show you how equipped you are do deal with the pitfalls.

Smooth Road - A smooth well cared for road means that you are comfortable with your path in life.

Changes in the Road

A Cliff - If the road in your dream suddenly stops at a cliff, there are changes in store. You will have to decide whether to jump off the cliff - which may involve taking a big risk or if you are going to stop where you are and make no more progress or retrace your steps and find another path.  The height and condition of the cliff will give you an idea of how big a change this will be and how risky it would be to take the plunge!

Windy Road - If you find yourself on a windy road - you are living an interesting and unpredictable life. 

A crossroads - Dreaming of a crossroads literally means that you have to choose a path between alternatives - the conditions of the various alternative roads will give you an idea of the ease of travel on each path.

A straight Road in a dream - is a symbol of a steady, uncomplicated life.

Types of Roads

Highway - Dreaming of a highway means that you will get where you want to go fast, unless there are accidents, traffic or other delays.

Country Road - Dreaming of a country road means that you will get to your destination in your own time. You are not in a hurry and you may stop and look at the scenery on the way.  Of course if you are delayed by sheep on the road, there may be some unexpected delays in reaching your destination.

Dirt Road - Dreaming of a dirt road or an overgrown pathway is s sign that you are traveling on the road less traveled! You are finding your own way in life being creative and not following on the conventional path.

City Street - You are traveling along a well trodden path and your goals are clear and well defined. Your ease of obtaining these goals depend on traffic and road conditions.

Road traffic

Mode of Transport

Car - To dream of traveling down the road in a car means that you will have some help in reaching your destination. The nature of the help depends on the type and condition of the car.

Horseback/Camel/Donkey- To dream of traveling on horseback means that you are not in a hurry to reach your destination, you are prepared to enjoy your life and appreciate each day. You are the kind of person who lives in the moment. Other factors that will effect the meaning of this will be your comfort, the weather and if you encountered any problems with the animal.

Motorbike - To dream of traveling by motorbike means that you will be moving fairly quickly towards your destination but you are exposed to increasing risks from other people on the same path as you. You will be competing with others. You may enjoy the competition the outcome depends on other road conditions.

Bicycle - To dream of traveling down the road on a bicycle shows that you are a strong and independent person who does not accept much help from others. The outcome will depend on the weather, the road conditions and other road users. 

Walking - To dream of walking down the road shows that you will get to your destination at your own pace. You may have chosen to walk by choice or there may be no alternative for you. The meaning will depend on the ease of your walking, an easy walk is a happy life, whereas a painful walk shows that you will struggle to reach your destination and it will be uncomfortable for you.

Running - To dream of running down the road in your dream can be a good or bad omen.  If you are running away from someone it would depend if you succeed in escaping. Running for fun means that you have the power and strength to reach your goals.


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