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I had my first sip of alcohol when I was about 10 years old, my parents subscribed to the theory that introducing children to alcohol young would mean that we would develop a tolerance for it and be less likely to be drunken delinquents. Early on we just drank cider, shandy on Sundays and sherry at Christmas under the watchful eyes of my parents. It still made me feel drunk.

Despite the way it sounds, my parents were strict, at least compared to the parents of my friends, I was not allowed to go to clubs at sixteen or to go on dates with my peers. My reaction was of course to go out drinking anyway, not at night but during the day. I attended at technical college from the age of 16-18 and so was free to attend classes and take breaks between classes. Growing up near the beach meant that there were many bars and so most lunch times I would go out with my friends for a lager and lime.

College of course was a further haze of alcohol and the place where I learned that I could not hold my drink. Alcohol allowed me to be the extrovert and risk taker that lurked somewhere deep inside my small introverted self. I can blame my drinking for numerous dubious situations that I found myself in although fortunately I survived relatively unscathed.

I married a drinker who drank heavily every single night and who regularly became abusive and difficult to deal with. In comparison I was not a heavy drinker and it took me over 20 years to admit that I had married an alcoholic and was actually pretty miserable.

I got divorced but continued to have a drink every night. I still wanted to go out and drink and meet a new man and I still felt that alcohol allowed me to be more sociable. I would fret about drinking and driving laws and blame them for my inability to go out and have fun. 

Years passed, I would sit at work and look forward to going home and having a glass of wine,  the highlight of my day. I would fantasise about the condensation on my wine glass and gripping the stem with that first sip of cool white wine.  I was drinking just a couple of bottles of wine a week. However, I started to hear reports about how drinking even moderately could cause dementia in later life and as later life was quickly approaching I decided to quit drinking.

Quitting drinking was easy for me, although I really enjoyed drinking, I didn't think that quitting was permanent, I just stopped buying it and replaced my wine with coffee, tea and sometimes ginger beer. I needed to drink something while watching tv. I feel so much better, less headaches, less dehydration and my interest in hanging out in bars has totally gone away. Why would I want to go to a bar and meet another alcoholic?  Life is a journey, and you can take positive steps to quit drinking, when the time is right for you.

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Kind Woman!

People who know me will understand why I have included the exclamation mark in the title. I am definitely a work in progress to becoming wise. What I do have, is a lot of experience. I have worked in many different fields, emigrated twice, been married and divorced once, been a mother twice and I am currently a carer. I am an intuitive person and I like to help people and the planet so some of my blog posts are about that. My latest thought was to develop a 'Carers Anonymous' group but that has not come to fruition yet.

Like most sensitive people I am also very interested in the environment, being kind to the planet and being kind to those around me, you will also find here my kind woman blog, where I attempt to be kind to the planet, to others and to myself.

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