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Unfortunately, we all have times when we work for someone who is negative. It doesn't matter how well you do your job, they are going to criticise and belittle you. They may be drunk on power, lacking in confidence or just miserable people but you will never please them. They storm over to your desk and you have to drop everything, they demand that you work overtime when it is not necessary and then they try to take over your personal life by demanding extra hours. The days of slavery are over and you do not have to suffer through this abuse.

Many of us are feeling the pinch rising prices and pay checks that do not keep up, billionaires gloating and lording it over us and then you have to deal with this annoying tick bite of a person every day!! You cannot use tweezers to rid yourself of them and ignoring them is probably not the best plan. The answer is to be super organised and to answer them slowly when they make requests of you. They rule by bullying and you are not going to get anywhere by arguing with this person.

Have confidence, you know what you are doing despite the petty put downs and ridiculous games. Take a deep breath and meditate, you can do this. Let this person self combust, whatever their problem is, you are not the cause.

Happy days!

College Advisor: I have worked in education for many years teaching business and information studies and advising students on which college program to take and which university to attend. I have helped hundreds of students with college applications. If you need a life coach to help you with anything related to education, please email me at [email protected] I can help you to set goals and give you the benefit of my experience.

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